The only petite shoe that fits perfectly & Link Up

I have been always on the hunt for shoes that fit well. Having petite feet it’s really frustrating to find a good pair of shoes  Last year I was introduced to Pretty Small Shoes and had the opportunity to try out one of their boots. As soon as I received the boots I was so pleasantly surprised with the quality of the shoes and the fit so I decided to collaborate with them again.

Pretty Small Shoes

Pretty Small Shoes

Pretty Small Shoes

Pretty Small Shoes

Pretty Small Shoes

I was so excited the Pretty Small Shoes team sent me a custom made shoes for me especially if you have petite feet I would suggest look no further and try their shoes, I can personally vouch for the quality and fit.

The shoes I received is the Diabolo Bad Girl Heels in size 34.5(225 mm) in heel size 8 cm. I teamed the shoes with my all time favourite black leather jacket, polo neck jumper, and distressed petite jeans. 

 The Diabalo petite shoes did live up to my expectations it’s classy, comfortable and fits perfectly. I am a huge fan of Pretty Small Shoes and will order my shoes from there. I was thrilled to know they also have a store in London which is great news for all us petite living in and around London. I am so happy now buying stylish shoes won’t be frustrating anymore and would be rather a pleasant experience.

Do you like these shoes do let me know?


Disclosure: The post was created in collaboration with Pretty Small Shoes, all opinions are mine.

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