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Sunny BandHello everyone! Today I have an exceptional story to share. The story is about Sunny Fitz founder of Sunny Band who grew up in small midwestern town in America. Sunny started her career as a musician and was working with one of the top hotels in her town. She grew up customizing outfits influenced by her mother and had a huge interest in fashion. Sunny was happy with her music career, but one-day everything had fallen apart in her town by floods. The hotel she worked for closed down and she was struggling with her career. Amidst the hardships one day she came up with the idea to create customized bands for her friends. Sunny and her friends were going to the annual Derby in Kentucky and what better way to adorn some unique pieces handmade by herself. At the Derby, she and her friends were stopped by guests and magazine editors asking for the name of the shop the bands were purchased from. Sunny was so excited that she decided to create more bands as a hobby. What started as a hobby on the side quickly grew into a full-time successful business and very popular with celebrities.  Sunny Band’s greatest achievement was to participate in Lingerie Fashion Week in New York in collaboration with Secrets in Lace lingerie.

The mission of Sunny Band is simple: to create unique hair accessories for a reasonable price.  Sunny says “We make pieces that are customized and done by hand. It’s a great feeling to be just a little different. We encourage our customers to step out and make their own statement!”

I had the opportunity to chat with Sunny herself on skype and she is one of the most inspirational women I have ever met. What inspired me most about her was she had a part-time  job and worked on Sunny band simultaneously for 3 years despite all hardships. Sunny says that one should never give up their dreams and that’s what motivated me to continue blogging while working full-time.

All you bloggers and other women out there who are having a hard time juggling work and your dream project/blog and doubting themselves, never give up. Success does touch your feet if you work hard it’s just the matter of perseverance.

I had the privilege to wear one of the Sunny Band bands and I absolutely love it, it’s great to wear for the races. I love the delicate craftsmanship and the detail of the band, I am huge of fan of black bands and this is one is my favourite. Check out Sunny Band website now if you want to get your hands on some unique bands.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Feel free to get in touch with me. I love hearing from you. Feel free to leave your comments.You can stay connected with me on BloglovinTwitter,Facebook and Instagram. Looking forward to connecting with you ladies.

Stay Elegantly Fashionable xx

Disclosure: The post was created in collaboration with Sunny Band, all opinions are mine.

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