Petite Travel Style Diary: Germany

Happy Monday Everyone! Today I am going to share few pictures from my European road trip last year.

Petite Style Diary: Germany

 Cami Top: Top Shop

Shorts: Topshop

Shoes: Ebay

We took the Ferry from Portsmouth to Belgium. We toured Brugge and then drove to Germany. We stayed one night in Germany and we loved driving on the “Autobahn”. We stayed at the Holiday Inn for the night. I loved the architecture of buildings and houses in Germany and the roads were so straight as if someone took a ruler and drew them. If you live in England like me you would know why I am so amazed ūüėõ

Petite Travel Style Diary: Germany

There is no speed limit on the “Autobahn” and my husband made full use of it :P. At one point I was so scared as the speed limit in UK is 70 mph on motorways and he drove at the car’s maximum( we have BMW¬†3 series sports coupe¬†if you are wondering) speed for 30 mins. It was scary but great fun. Since our road trip was in summers I decided to wear my favourite jeans short and cami top. Since I am petite I don’t like to wear flats much, so I completed the look with wedge heels that I bought from ebay. I am UK size 3 but it varies from retailer to retailer. I get so annoyed as the shoes I buy online ¬†don’t always fit me and I have to return them time to time. The worst part of having petite feet is not being able to buy shoes from¬†retailers offering cheap pricing like Primark. However¬†I can fit in size 3 of few flat shoes from them but not in any of their heels. If you have petite feet like me you will know my frustrations:(

Do you have petite feet? Please do let me know where you buy shoes from? Hope you enjoyed the pictures from my road trip. If you have a blog do share it with me as I love checking out new blogs. Just put your blog links on the comment section.

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Stay Elegantly Fashionable xx

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