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Bikini: Debenhams

Today’s Petite Pick Of The Day is high-waisted bikini. High waisted bikini is great for petite girls like me for few reasons, first it helps elongate the body second it also helps to camouflage the tummy if you have one. I love the tropical prints in the Debenhams high-waisted bikini and combination of colours is amazing.

The summer season is here and we have been blessed with some sunshine since last few weeks here in the U.K. When I think of summer-sunshine, long nights, yellow sand beaches and blue water floats in front of my eyes taking me to a dreamy world filled with joy, happiness and peace. My idea of a perfect beach is yellow sand with crystal clear water as I love playing with sand and taking a dip in the ocean. I love the ocean, it helps me connect to my inner soul and rewind.This high waisted bikini is perfect for the romantic summer beach holiday that I am dreaming of at the moment while writing this post.

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