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Petite Pick Of The Day
Hi Everyone! Today’s Petite Pick Of The Day is a combination of pink and black pairings. Both these colours are my favourite and I have been trying to find a pink petite playsuit since ages. If you are petite and curvy( have a tummy) like me I would suggest trying playsuits, you will thank me. It’s the best discovery I have ever made. I am now a playsuit convert and have a few of these in my closet. Playsuit camouflages tummy quite well and looks like a dress.When it comes to pink I often think, how can I pair it up so that it looks elegant, classy and chic instead looking pretty and cute. I am so tired of being called cute, I am sure you petite ladies will agree with me. We petite girls want to be called elegant, classy, sexy, sassy anything but cute;we have had enough of the word ‘cute’. I paired this pink playsuit with black shoes, black bag and black accessories giving it a classy look.
I am a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn and love her lcassy, elegant and chic style. I adore the elegance and poise she embodied.If you are trying to achieve a classy look remember too much of accessories won’t go down well. If you are wearing a statement necklace then stick to a stud earring and perhaps leave out the bracelet or chunky watch. For this look I chose a black bag which is one of my favourite from Michael Kors and is on my wish list to buy soon. I went for black heel sandal and black sunglasses to complete the look. One more tip for petite girls is to wear solid colours it gives an illusion of height. I would suggest trying it out and seeing it for yourself.


The playsuit is from Miss Selfridges, sandals from Aiva & Aiden, bag from Michael Kors, stud earrings from and lastly the necklace is from John Lewis. You can click on the individual images below the main image to check out the price of the products.
Hope you ladies liked the post and do leave your comments.
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Stay Elegantly Fashionable xx

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