Petite Lazy Girl Weight Loss Challenge: Week 3

Petite Lazy Girl Weight Loss Challenge


Hello Ladies! Last Week I was feeling quite low and didn’t workout so apologies that I couldn’t post petite lazy girl weight loss challenge week 3 updates. This week is my week 3 as I missed last week’s workout. Week 2 of my weight loss journey saw some tiny improvement and it motivated me to work harder. I am on week 2 of the Race for Life 5K jogging plan. This week I have been doing two 15 min sessions and one 18 min session of jogging & walking and 2 days of light exercise. From last week what’s different, is the increase in time and you walk for 1 min but jog or 2 mins in each session as opposed to 1 min jog and 2 mins walk. I was doing very well in week 1 of the plan, week 2 seems to be challenging for me especially jogging at 3.5 mph. I haven’t gone jogging in years and feel like I can’t jog any more. I have been extremely sad, looking at my condition and I am not even 30. I am determined to get back my fitness  and I am now trying to do my workouts in the morning so that I don’t have any excuse to skip them after work.

Just before my morning workout I am drinking Herbalife Strawberry protein shake with almond milk as I have hormonal acne and have stopped diary completely. I am a Herbalife distributor in case any of you want anything ordered do let me know.

Weight Diary Week 3 ( Check my last week’s weight diary here)

Weight:51.2kg  ( gained few grams as I didn’t work out last week)

Waist: 32 inch ( Measured around belly button) no change since week 2

Arms:10 inch (no change since week 2)

Thighs: 18.5 inch .5inch loss


If you are also trying to tone up or on a weight loss journey like me then feel free to connect with me .If you enjoyed reading this post and want to join me in the weight loss challenge.Please tweet me or ask me questions via the comment section. Keep in touch with me on TwitterBloglovinFacebook and Instagram to check my progress.

Keep calm and carry on xx


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