My Makeup Essentials

My Makeup Essentials

I love makeup and hardly leave the house without makeup. I have acne prone skin and currently have pimples and acne scars that I need to camaflage all the time. Here’s a list of products I use daily before I step out of the house

1.Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation– The shade looks lighter in the photo (due to camera flash, apologies ladies). This is one of the best liquid foundations I have ever used,it blends well and covers all my acne scars giving my skin a flawless finish. I highly recommend this foundation and be sure to use it with a sponge to get the flawless finish. One tip please do not listen to anyone what shade would suit you as most sales girls suggest the wrong shade. I have been to makeup classes and this is one tip all makeup artist would tell you test the foundation on your skin in daylight and check for yourself . I have been suggested the wrong shade almost every time. I contour my face so I use lighter tone in the liquid foundation and use a very dark shade from the sleek contour kit to achieve the desired look. You will see more information on the sleek contour kit as you read further. The mac studio fix is £21.50 and can be bought online. However I will suggest you to go to the nearest Mac store and test the shade before your purchase. Mac has a huge selection of shades matching almost every skin tone.

2.Sleek  Face Contour Kit–  I use the Medium shade which has one light and one dark shade. I love contouring as it helps to sculpt your face to give it a dimension. I used to have an oval face before and as I have put on weight, my face has become round. Contouring helps to sharpen and accentuate my features. The Face Contour Kit from Sleek is only £6.49 and can be bought from their website.

My Makeup Essentials

3.Models Own Powder Blush – I use the Cheeky Pink PB002 powder blush from Models Own. I love the colour and the way it compliments my skin tone. My skin tone is Indian tan and pinks blends very well. I love Models Own products, I got the blusher for £5 from their Bottle shop in Westfield London. They make life so much easier. After I have bought their products like the hyper gel nail polish and nail polish eraser I don’t need to go salons regularly for manicures;I can do it myself at home and achieve a salon like finish. You can also buy products from their website which is a blessing for me.

My Makeup Essentials

My Makeup Essentials

4. Models Own Lipgloss–  Currently I am using the Models Own lip gloss in shade Madame Rose LG104. I love this shade it is a natural pink, ideal for day time and night-time. I generally apply strawberry lip balm and then put the lipgloss on top of it. I line my lips with Mac Dervish lip pencil. I bought the Models Own lip gloss as part of their promotion ‘buy 6 products for £20’. The lip gloss is also priced at £5.

5. Bourjois Paris Intuitive Liner-  I discovered this liner at boots when I was looking for a liner that would help me to create cat eyes. This is one the best eye liner I have ever bought. The liner has been created after being inspired by the famous art technique of dotting and forms a dotted, intense and fine line in one easy application. There is absolutely no risk of wobbly lines or overlapping making it very easy to use. If you are new to using eye liners I recommend you try this out. The liner can be bought at boots, Selfridges and many main stream retailers. I bought the liner for £6.99. You can check it out here.

6. Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner– I use the shade birthday suit, it gives  a nice subtle shimmery finish. I wear this eyeshadow almost everyday. I love Benefit cosmetics however the products are very expensive. I bought this eye shadow pot for £15.50. You can check out the eyeshadow here.

These are my makeup essentials that I can’t live without. I use them almost everyday for my make up routine. Hope you liked the post.

What makeup products do you use? Do share them with me.You can stay connected with me on BloglovinTwitter,Facebook and Instagram. Looking forward to connecting with you ladies :)

Stay Elegantly Fashionable xx

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