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Models Own Hypergel Red Lustre SG005

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Hello Everyone! Recently I visited the Models Own #Bottleshop in Westfield London last week. I love Models Own  #Bottleshop its such an innovative idea of a pop-up shop. Most of their nail polishes are £5. At the Westfield shop they had a deal “Buy 6 items for £20”. I initially wanted their nail polish corrector pen however I thought it was a great chance to buy few other stuff from them. I came across Models Own hyper gel nail polish. The label said no UV so I grabbed two bottles immediately. I picked up Red Lustre SG005 and Sundress SG013. I picked up few other lip gloss and got a free lip liner. I was extremely happy. I came back home and tried out the nail polishes.

I tried the Sundress SG013 first which is a pink colour and my favourite. If you are tan skinned like me this colour suits very well brightening up the hand. I was very excited as I used to spend a lot of money to get gel nails done at nail salons in London and couldn’t afford to keep doing it. Also to remove them you would need to go the nail salon and spend £10 which also puts off many people to gel nails done frequently. Models Own have brought this amazing concept of gel nail polish which doesn’t require LED light for just £5. It is economical now get gel nails without busting your wallet. I know there are brands who do gel nail polish with no UV but I have not found any other brand who charge as little as £5. The best part is the quality is really well and you can remove it using normal nail polish remover. My nails looked perfect almost for 1 week which was great as it didn’t chip at all. When I use normal nail polish after doing dish washing they chip so easily. I was extremely happy with the result. After a week I tried the Red Lustre SG013 which is quite bright and a nice colour as well.

However my favourite is the Sundress SG005 and highly recommend it. I did get quite a lot of compliments from my friends.

Tips: Make sure you put 2 or 3 coat to get best results. Make sure you let it dry for at least 20 mins to prevent any smudging. The first time I applied hyper gel after 5 mins I started taking photos which smudged the nail colour a bit but next time I applied the nail polish and let it dry for 20 mins and it was flawless.

Also if you are a novice at applying nail polish(like me) make sure you invest in Models Own nail corrector pen which helps you erase any nail polish smudged on the side every easily. I highly recommend it.

Verdict: 4.5 out of 5. Good price and good quality hyper gel nail polish. Models Own Hypergel comes in range of colours to suit everyone’s taste. Check it out here.

Have you tried Models Own hyper gel nail polish? Do you like it? Do let me me. You can stay connected with me on BloglovinTwitter,Facebook and Instagram. Looking forward to connecting with you ladies 🙂

Stay Elegantly Fashionable xx

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