Petite Lazy Girl Weight Loss Challenge: Week 2

Petite Lazy Girl Weight Loss


Hello Everyone! Happy Thursday! I am so glad it’s almost 1 day left for the long weekend here in England. If read my post on Petite Lazy Girl Weight Loss Challenge last week you will know I have started this weight loss journey to get in shape and tone up. Just few things I wanted to share with you guys.

As of 28th April 2014 I have started following the Race for Life 5K jogging plan. I always wanted to run a marathon but never actually signed up, but this time I was strong enough and signed up for Race for Life 5K. It’s a good way to get fit and raise money for cancer. I have had too many close family members and friend’s families being affected by cancer so I decided this the best way to raise money and make a difference to this cause. I am soon going to set up my just giving page so if you guys could contribute any amount that would be lovely.

The jogging plan is an easing plan for me to follow so I decided to use that as my training guide before the race day. You can print the plan for free from here if you want. To give you a gist the jogging plan is a 6 weeks plan to help you train to jog for 5k. You train for 5 days and have 2 days rest days. This week is my first week on this plan so I worked out on Monday which was a 12 min session combining 2 mins brisk walk and 1 min gentle jog in 4 intervals. For the first week you have 3 days of 12 mins sessions and 2 days of 4 min run workout( exercise routine). If you are a newbie like me this is program is doable without making you quit after 1 session.

How I train:

1. Set 20 mins goal on the treadmill. Walk at 2.9 mph for 8 mins then for 12 mins I walk 2 mins at 3.6 mph and jog 1 min at 3.6 mph in 4 intervals.

2. I do 4 sets of Crunches. Each set has 10 repetition.

3. I stretch afterwards


Food rules:

1. No Dairy

2. No junk food

3. No soda

4. Replaced white bread with brown bread and white rice with brown basmati rice.


Weight Diary Week 2 ( Check my last week’s weight diary here)

Weight:51.1 kg  Lost 1.1 kg : feeling great!

Waist: 32 inch ( Measured around belly button) Lost .5 inch

Arms:10 inch Lost .5 inch

Thighs: 19 inch No change

Tips: I have found music motivates me a lot and I feel quite pumped up to work out hard. I do suggest you to download some great tunes for your workout. You will be surprised how much you can workout. Check out my playlist below.

Gym Playlist


Ladies do share any tips you might have. If you are also trying to tone up or on a weight loss journey like me then feel free to connect with me .If you enjoyed reading this post and want to join me in the weight loss challenge.Please tweet me or ask me questions via the comment section. Keep in touch with me on TwitterBloglovinFacebook and Instagram to check my progress.

Keep calm and carry on xx


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