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Precis Petite is a fashion brand that was built to offer well-tailored clothing to women who are 5ft3” and under. They understand that just scaling down clothing from the regular collection does not work for petite women, it has to be well proportioned to fit a petite woman’s body.  Their collection of distinctive pieces in bold print and striking colour is perfectly proportioned for petite women. I love Precis Petite as they cater only to the petite market which means it’s made  specially for the petite body. Precis Petite is part of  Jacques Vert Group , one of  Britain’s leading fashion houses.

I love elegant and classy outfits and I feel Precis Petite is the best match to my style. Their pieces are timeless and will never go out of style. I love the quality and craftsmanship of their petite clothing which is worth every penny. Petite work wear is the hardest to find and they have some beautiful well-tailored pieces, I highly recommend you ladies to check out their website.

I fell in love with the above colour block shift dress, the dress fits perfectly on my petite frame. Being on the lower end of the petite body frame ( just about 5 feet) I was so satisfied with the length of the dress. The quality and finish of the dress was absolutely amazing. Precis Petite is now my favourite brand for petite clothing.

Outfit Details:

Dress- Precis Petite Dress* in Size 6.

Clutch- Accessorize

Blazer- Topshop

Petite Fashion Tip:  Colour block dresses make you look taller, be sure to definitely try one from Precis Petite.

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Stay Elegantly Fashionable xx

Disclosure: The post was created in collaboration with Precis Petite, all opinions are mine.

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