My Instagram Snapshot

My Instagram Snapshot

Hello everyone! Today’s post is a snapshot of my Instagram photos. I am quite new to Instagram and not yet addicted to it but I try to post photos I like when ever I can. Photos can speak more than words to me. Here is a quick snapshot of my Instagram timeline and the most liked photos.

The car in the snapshot was captured in Spitalfields market in East London. It’s a quite interesting way to showcase fashion. Also next it to it is a cute cupcake van. I loved the way the cupcake van has been created and decorated. I love bright colours and it instantly caught my attention. If you are visiting Spitalfields market the van is just next to the Benefit Store. If you love vintage stuff and like to check out new designers, I recommend visiting Spitalfields market on Saturday. The style market takes places on Saturdays showcasing new designers. I haven’t yet checked it out but will visit soon and update you all.

Another interesting photo on that I posted on Instagram was the Sweet Virtues Truffle. Sweet Virtues is a new upcoming food brand creating handmade super food truffles. The truffles are dairy free and absolutely delicious. They haven’t launched yet in full swing but I recommend trying them out when they launch. I came across Bobo’s Juicery at the Little Shop of Beauty event. They make cold pressed organic juices and smoothies. I was never fan of drinking vegetable smoothies even after knowing they are packed with nutrients but when I tried their A Bit of Ruff(age) juice a mix of fruit and vegetables I am now a convert. The juice is absolutely delicious and packed with nutrients and vitamins. They deliver to most post codes in London and you can order the juices online. Each juice is priced £5 which is a bit expensive but it is totally worth it.

I am trying to live a healthy life and have been looking for restaurants and cafe serving food sourced from organic ingredients. One of my favourite place for lunch time meal is Le Pain Quotidien. One of the pics in the Instagram snapshot is the Toasted Smoked Chicken & Mozzarella Tartine from Le Pain Quotidien, it’s delicious. Do check them out ladies if you haven’t yet.

Did you enjoy the post? Please do let me know if there is any particular kinds of post you would like me to write regularly. I love hearing from you. You can stay connected with me on BloglovinTwitter,Facebook and Instagram. Looking forward to connecting with you ladies :)

Stay Elegantly Fashionable xx

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