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Hello Everyone! Hope you are well. I am excited to share this news with you, I have been featured in the Spring/Summer 2015 edition of the Style Magazine. Jacques Vert Group publish the Style Magazine for their lovely customers and fans. Precis Petite and Jacques Vert Petite are two brands that are exceptionally close to me. They offer well-tailored clothing to petite women just like me. They understand that just scaling down clothing from the regular collection does not work for petite women, it has to be well proportioned to fit a petite woman’s body. I love elegant and classy outfits and I feel Precis Petite and Jacques Vert Petite is the best match to my style. Their collection is classic and chic.I love the quality and craftsmanship of their petite clothing which is worth every penny.

When I was contacted by Jacques Vert Group for the magazine feature I was so excited and thrilled that I can’t put down in words. They organized a studio photo shoot and I was asked to pick my favourite dresses and style them.I fell in love with all the dresses from their collection and the ones in the feature are my favorite.I really enjoyed working with the JV team, the staff is absolutely brilliant.

I think petite fashion in the UK is getting better every year and wonderful retailers like Precis Petite and Jacques Vert Petite are leading the way to empower petite women with stylish and well-tailored garments.

If you want to buy any of the dresses from my shoot head over to Precis Petite and Jacques Vert Petite website now.
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