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Buying Petite Jeans is never easy for us petite girls. There are so many aspects of the jeans that need to work for our body so buying petite jeans is very personal, as we to confront our body shape plus height.The biggest mistake petite women make is buying jeans that are too long. This is often because most women don’t find jeans that are the right length for their short body and have to comprise with whatever is available in the shop.

So here are some tips that could help you find the perfect pair.

1. Measure your lower body with a measuring tape and find what length jeans do you require. In my case its 27.5 inch.

2. Research online for brands who sell petite jeans and then read their sizing guide. Any jeans available in the petite range doesn’t mean will actually fit  your petite frame. In my opinion Topshop is the the best brand who do 28″ length that fits me  well as I am just about 5 feet.

3. Experiment with different shapes and styles. Find a fit that flatters your petite frame, personally I love high waisted jeans which helps to elongate the legs and the new kid on the block is boyfriend jeans which helps to camouflage the extra bits on my thighs.

Here are my recommended store list for buying petite jeans

1. Topshop

2. Miss Selfridge

3. Asos

Hope this helped you guys. What are some of the problems you experience when buying petite jeans? If you need any help with petite fashion or style advice do let me know, I would love to help out.

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