Cruz Bueno 2016 Collection

Cruz Bueno is a high end designer label based in London founded by designer Luca Cruz Bueno in 2011. On 19th May Cruz Bueno showcased his womenswear and menswear collection to the public, his collection is for people who are unique in their style,feel empowered by dressing fashionably and are fearless. I was quite excited to check out Cruz Bueno collection and was delighted to have been invited.

Cruz Bueno

Cruz Bueno

Cruz Bueno

Cruz Bueno

Cruz Bueno

Cruz Bueno

Cruz Bueno

Photography by Eni Cani & Shopbackdrop

Gold Label

The gold label is the demi-couture line citing the refinement and uniqueness of his vision and his unparalleled craftsman ship, Lucas created a silhouette resembling the elegance of olden era and power dressing of the modern society.

Modern elegance with edginess was depicted in the gold label, dresses and gowns were created out of luxurious fabrics which were tailored in more contemporary shape. 

Red Label

The red label is the ready to wear womenswear designed and adapted for a broader client base to provide a more affordable high end option. The red label was designed to make any woman look beautiful and feel confident about their appearance, giving them a sense of uniqueness and elevation at the same time.

I loved the red label as we got to see lot of  masculine trousers in shades of khaki, brown, black, grey, white and green were showcased alongside skirt and coats. The collection was influenced by glitz and glamour with a good balance of modernism. A series of shimmery coats and jackets, stood out as a point of difference in the entire collection.

White Label

The white label is the ready to wear menswear collection for fashionable and stylish conscious young men. The designs of this collection ranges from simple everyday pieces to ultra fashionable pieces suitable for special occasions.The pieces in the menswear collection contributed to the ever changing landscape of modern menswear.

I absolutely loved the show and suggest checking the Cruz Bueno website.

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