Are You Looking for The Perfect Petite Dress?

Are you petite and always struggling to find the perfect petite dress? There is good news for us petites, Carolina Alvo has created the perfect petite dress which actually fits all petite girls and not for girls standing at 5’3″ inches.

Carolina is a true Petite; she is 4’9” and has never had a shopping experience that wasn’t teeming with frustration.She’s seen it all: the pant leg so long she could have made a whole new pair with the excess fabric, the shirt that could be worn as a dress, the V-neck top that would have gotten her arrested for indecent exposure if worn in public. She decided that if no one was making the clothes that she needed, she was going to take matters into her own hands and make them herself. And Carolina Alvo was born.

For me the best part of the perfect petite dress designed by Carolina, is the multiple hem length. A woman is Petite if she is 5’3″ and under. Yet someone who is 4’10” needs a very different hem length from someone who is 5’3″. Therefore they are offering two distinct hem lengths – one for those 5’1″ and above, and one for those below 5’1″. Now you can finally get the length that’s right for you straight out of the box! 

To fund the dress production, Carolina has set up a kickstarter campaign. The campaign has already raised over $6000 of the $15000 goal. I am supporting the campaign and you can also help fund the campaign here. Let’s help change petite fashion industry. I wish Carolina all the best and hope the campaign is fully funded.

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