Westin Maldives Mirandhoo Resort Review

If heaven was a place on earth, I strongly suspect it would look an awful lot like the Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort. Surrounded by the spectacular beauty of Baa Atoll, a UNESCO-heritage listed region simply teeming with marine life, the resort itself is a magnificent oasis. No detail has been overlooked, and it offers exceptional dining and facilities paired with warm and attentive service. Perhaps heaven is a place on earth, after all.

Journey to the resort

We first arrived in the Maldives’ international airport, Male, where a Westin representative immediately greeted us. They whisked us off to the comfortable seaplane lounge and completed all the formalities for us as we sipped coffee in the lounge.

Unfortunately, our planned seaplane ride was thwarted due to poor weather conditions. Luckily, the Westin representative did all they could to find us the next domestic flight to the resort, and it was not long before we were bound for Baa Atoll.
We arrived at the domestic airport, and then took a boat ride to Westin. As soon as we arrived, our bags were taken care of, and we were warmly helped through the check-in process. I particularly appreciated the refreshing, healthy drink that I was offered!As it was so late by the time we arrived, we decided to go straight for dinner and our bags were sent straight to our villa.

The resort

The next morning, we had a chance to see the spectacular beauty of the resort properly. It was amazing to wake up and step outside to take it all in; the natural beauty blended with the architectural brilliance.

The Westin Maldives Mirandhoo Resort is utterly spectacular. Like most luxury resorts in the Maldives, it’s situated on its own small island. This means that there is a feeling of privacy and isolation, while the island is fringed with powder-soft sandy beaches and dazzlingly clear sea water. Baa Atoll is famous for its rich marine life, and it was certainly on the show – you could see fish darting through the water just metres from the shore!

The resort itself is stunningly designed, borrowing elements from the sea to give it a fresh and cohesive look. Not only is the resort utterly beautiful, but it’s also eco-conscious, with many sustainability initiatives that aim to preserve the beautiful environment.

As the resort is located on its own island, you may wonder if there is enough to keep you entertained for an extended period. There absolutely is; every care has been taken to ensure that everything you could wish for can be found at the resort.

In particular, the Westin Maldives Mirandhoo Resort has a focus on wellness and healthy living. There’s a fabulously equipped fitness centre, tennis court, a sauna and a steam room. In addition, an indulgent spa is a must for a luxurious and recharging holiday, as are the delectable restaurants and bars.

I also need to mention the incredible staff who made us feel so warmly welcomed from the moment we arrived. Each guest staying at the resort has their own thakaru (concierge) to assist, and they – along with everyone else you meet – are so kind and hospitable.


Our room was the Island Suite with a pool, and it was as divine as I expected. There was no better place to retreat to after a day in paradise, as it was a luxurious place to recharge ready for the next day.

The room was absolutely beautiful, with fresh modern décor and luxurious facilities. There were so many small touches that added extra pizazz to the room, including a beautiful soaking bath, automatic toilet and luxury amenities.

I also absolutely loved the in-room juicing machine and a generous supply of fresh oranges. It was so wonderful to be able to whip up your own fresh juice, and I particularly enjoyed drinking it while relaxing in the spacious and beautiful lounge area.

Yet another highlight of the room was, of course, the glittering pool which overlooked the azure ocean. Although I loved relaxing at the beaches at the resort, it was also fantastic to be able to enjoy a private dip as well.


Food is an integral part of any holiday experience, and the new Westin Maldives sure knows it. They offer several absolutely mouth-watering options to please your tastebuds while you stay.

Island Kitchen

For our first dinner in the Maldives, we enjoyed a meal at the Island Kitchen. This is the all-day dining restaurant at the Westin, and is faithful to their “Eat Well” mantra. The atmosphere of this restaurant is elegant yet informal, with a semi-open style that adds to the breezy atmosphere.

The food on offer is excellent, and I was particularly impressed by the selection of fresh and delicious juices and smoothies available.

We also returned to the Island Kitchen every day for breakfast (as well as lunch on our second day), and I was always impressed by the fresh, delicious and healthy options available – I loved getting every day off to a good start with some healthy fruit and juice. They also cater to everyone, with a range of local and continental options as well as their Eat Well menu.

The Hawker

For dinner on the second night, we ate at the Hawker. This restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and specialises in tantalising and authentic Asian food. It’s all served up in a relaxing and casual atmosphere, where you can sit barefoot with your feet in the sand and watch the chefs prepare delicacies right before your eyes.

As well as the energetic and bustling atmosphere, I also absolutely adored the food at The Hawker. It was delicious and authentic, just as promised, with options like pad thai and chicken satay. It was so good that I was thrilled to return the next day for lunch, to enjoy even more in the company of the hotel’s marketing manager.

The Pearl

For our final night at the Westin, we were booked in at The Pearl. I was particularly excited to experience this, as I adore Japanese food and had heard many good things about the menu on offer.

The first thing I noticed when we arrived at the Pearl was the truly magnificent location. There are panoramic views of the ocean, and you can even hear the sound of the waves gently lapping at the shore. It feels like you are really hovering over the sea, which adds to the elegant and tranquil atmosphere.

The Pearl is the resort’s premier fine dining restaurant, and the décor reflects this. It is understated and elegant, with luxurious wooden furniture and sleek lines. It really is a beautiful and romantic place, especially as the sun dips down over the horizon.

We opted for the five-course Japanese dinner, and it more than lived up to my high expectations. Each dish was mouth-wateringly delicious, and of course, it was made even better by the magnificent view that surrounded us. It was the perfect place to enjoy a final romantic dinner in this beautiful resort.

Heavenly Spa

It wouldn’t be a luxurious stay in the Maldives without a visit (or many) to a wonderfully relaxing spa, so of course, I was excited to visit the offering from the Westin. It certainly exceeded all expectations; it’s impossible not to feel utterly rested and recharged as you see the surrounding sea view. Even the floor is glass, so you feel suspended over the ocean; I couldn’t believe it as I spotted some colourful fish weaving through the sea below.

There’s a wonderful selection of treatments available, including facials, body scrubs/wraps, manicures, massages and more. We were thrilled to receive the couple’s massage, and we both enjoyed the heavenly experience. We floated away from the stunning spa feeling totally rejuvenated and relaxed.


As mentioned before, there are plenty of offerings to keep you as busy as you’d like to be during your stay (of course, simply relaxing is wonderful too). Many of the choices are focussed around wellness, and the fitness options are particularly extensive. Not only does the resort offer fantastic facilities, including a world-class gym, but there are additional extra programs like yoga classes and PT sessions.

The Maldives is also a paradise for those who enjoy watersports, and the resort offers a dazzling variety. Diving is always popular, and I hear the reefs nearby are spectacular, while other options like jet-skiing, kayaking and snorkelling are also available. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to try most of these due to a shortage of time, but they did sound like fantastic fun.

Outdoor Cinema

One unique activity we did get to try was the stunning outdoor cinema. We watched Aquaman as the stars twinkled overhead, and it really was a magical experience!

Final Thoughts

It’s fitting that the Westin Maldives Mirandhoo Resort offers so many heavenly options — the Heavenly Spa, for example – as it truly is a paradise on earth. From the beautiful natural environment to the architecture that complements it so well, along with the brilliant dining and facilities, it’s the kind of place where you fall madly in love – and leave utterly captivated.

Nightly rates at The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort are from £608/800 Dollars for two people on a B&B basis. For more information or to book visit the website here.

Disclaimer: Our stay was courtesy of Westin Maldives
but of course, all opinions are 100% my own.

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