Top 3 shopping mistakes to avoid this winter

Asos Petite | Elegantly Fashionable

Do season-end sales instigate you? Are you too impulsive to get over the though of saving “up to 80 percent” on that sexy summer outfit? Wait—you can’t do that—because these shopping mistakes are sinisterly taking away the cash in your purse and bank account. Don’t pressure yourself with wrong buying decisions. Being sensible is the only way to correct your shopping blunders.

Asos Petite | Elegantly Fashionable

Asos Petite | Elegantly Fashionable

Asos Petite | Elegantly Fashionable

Asos Petite | Elegantly Fashionable

Asos Petite | Elegantly Fashionable

End of season sales are difficult to avoid and most of us usually end up with at least something in our wardrobe for the next year. A decade ago, this wasn’t a bad idea—the fashion was static. But now even if you feel compelled to get something from the store for the next year, take a look at some of the worst shopping mistakes that we all make.

Buying for past lifestyle that you once wished for

The fashion magazines stacked on our shelves don’t always leave us with inspiration. They program us to make a wishlist, so when we have the fund to get them, we won’t resist. Too often this happens: we get impressed by fantasy lifestyles in the magazines that were eradicated from our lives years ago.

Even though we know that, it doesn’t stop us from buying stuff that we don’t need really. The tendency is real, especially when we recollect those days where we really wanted to buy loads of beautiful heels, shirts or skirts. So we end up buying stuff that’s obsolete in terms of fashion.

What to do: Avoid all those fashion magazine subscriptions that lure you into buying useless things. They lure you into buying clothes and accessories that you don’t need. What you could do instead is to have a shopping schedule and stick with it under every circumstance; stick to them no matter what—you can easily save a lot by doing so.

Shopping out of habit

Don’t just go out for shopping because you have been so habitual of doing so; rather keep it just for real life needs. Keep your fairy fantasies aside, as you don’t need that “back-to-school” shopping. You don’t have to reminiscence old memories at the cost of useless stuff.

We all do this: trying to relive the positive memories or breaking-free the negative ones. For some buying new clothes and supplies means rejoicing fond memories. Avoid all “back-to-school deals”; we understand what they mean to you, but imagine how much you would be saving by not going for them.

Stocking up for next year

Don’t stock for the next year; as aforementioned, these end-of-season sales are ruthlessly awful. “I will buy some good stuff from this year’s sale so I will not have to buy clothes next year at a full price”. This seems logical, but it doesn’t work like this. We all usually end up with shopping from the sales and then also from the new stock; making us worse off.

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  1. Half of the things you mention here are what they want you to do … must resist! I love your look here too and pinned it!


  2. Great tips! Although, I think your last point can still be adjusted… For staples, like white T’s or a good pair of jeans! You know, the stuff that is kinda static?

    End of season sales really are hard to resist!!

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