The Best Ways to Experience the Culture of Aruba

Beautiful Aruba is a destination for all the senses. There’s the sight of the cerulean sea lapping at the shores, the rhythmic sounds of traditional steel drums and the taste of traditional dishes such as mahi-mahi fish. Add in the feel of the kindness of the local people, and experiencing the culture of Aruba is a true delight.
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If you talk about size, Aruba is not large. Even its longest side it is only 18.5 miles (30 kilometres), and it’s just 5 miles (8 kilometres) at its widest.
It is, however, larger than life. Just off the coast of South Tameika, the island nation of Aruba effortlessly and enthusiastically blends Caribbean, African, South American and European culture to create something that is totally unique. And yet, you immediately feel at home on this beautiful island.
It is a nation of 100,000 people, and although their backgrounds and stories may be different, they are united by some commonalities. One of those is genuine joy in sharing their culture with visitors. Whether it’s grabbing you by the hand to dance the night away or sharing a snack of fried plantain, it is easy to be captivated by this stunning island.
Even the national language, Papiamento, is a result of the weaving of different tongues. Drawing inspiration from languages including Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch, it is a true blend. Aruba ta dushi! (Aruba is lovely!) is a helpful phrase that you’re sure to use often!
Although Papiamento and Dutch are the two national languages, Arubans can generally effortlessly switch between four or more languages. English, in particular, is widely spoken – especially in the tourism industry. There are certainly no problems finding and enjoying good conversation in Aruba.

The best ways to experience the culture of Aruba

The kindness and exuberance of the Aruban people means you don’t need to work hard to discover the culture of the island.
The size of Aruba means exploring on foot is possible, and wonderful – think walking down streets dotted with storybook-perfect pastel homes, complete with shady verandas perfect for pulling up for a chat.
Or, perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to arrive during of Aruba’s fabulous and frenetic events. The jewel in the annual calendar is Carnival. This annual event is an explosion of brightly coloured costumes, Latin beats that continue long into the night and incredible dance moves.

In Aruba, Carnival is not something you simply watch. It’s something you really experience – no matter your age, it’s impossible not to be drawn into the revelry. Undoubtedly, it is an experience and memory that you will not soon forget.

Carnival is, however, not the only event on the calendar – far from it. All year round, the island buzzes with unique and joyful events.
All year round, exploring Aruba is a true joy thanks to the genuine love of cultural exchange. Tours in Aruba are much more than simply ticking sights of your list; all along the way, you are sure to learn more about their history and what role they have played in the long and dramatic story of the nation.
One way to learn more about the culture of Aruba is to tour the island’s art. From the bright street art pieces that dot the labyrinth of streets, to the factories and studios that produce beautiful glass and ceramics, there are many incredible things to see. Many of these tell the stories of Aruba from many different perspectives.

These perspectives are also on view at the many museums of Aruba, with so many options to help you to discover the country’s history. Some are your traditional museums, while others, such as the Lourdes Grotto, are a different take on the museum experience.
Yet another way to discover the culture of Aruba is through its music. For centuries, Arubans have told their stories through the lyrics and beats of music. From joyful expressions of Aruban pride to more soulful melodies, music in Aruba is felt, not just heard.

While the people of Aruba have added incredible richness and beauty to the island, there are also many sites which show how stunning the natural environment is. Aruba is unapologetically a beach destination, and visiting the bustling beach of Eagle Beach or perhaps the more-traditional Hadicurari Beach, is a non-negotiable.
Simply lazing on the sand and watching life go by is a wonderful way to spend a day (or more) in Aruba. However, should you wish to get the heart pumping a little more, there is a wonderful selection of activities from kite-surfing to diving. The options are truly endless.

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