Thai Square Spa, London

Thai Square Spa London

Ask anyone who’s vacationed to Thailand whether they came home feeling relaxed – their calm smiles will probably give it away. Luckily, the luxurious Thai Square Spa brings a touch of those magical healing techniques of Thai massage and therapies to central London, just a short walk from Trafalgar Square.

Thai Square Spa

Thai Square Spa

From the moment I walked through the door on Northumberland Avenue, I felt I’d left bustling London and my hectic life behind. The spa’s décor was elegant and exotic, with many beautiful Thai influences including gorgeous statues and carvings, as well as pops of deep red-hued accents and flickering candles.

I could almost feel the stress leaving my body as I nestled my feet into the slippers and cloaked myself in the provided robe, inhaling the calming aromas of rich spice and honey. Moments later, I was greeted by the massage therapist who saw me through to a comfortable private room.

Thai Square spa

My appointment was for a Traditional Thai Facial, and I was excited to find out what had made the Spa such a highly regarded and popular salon. For me, I often wear life’s stresses in my face and am also prone to sensitive, combination skin, so I was hopeful the facial could do me well.

The treatment began with a rose petal foot soak and then moved on to the facial treatment. The facial started with a blissfully warm towel applied gently to my face, followed by an application of traditional skincare serums. They smelled divine as the therapist massaged them into my tired skin. Another highlight was the application of the traditional Thai herbal compress, an ancient technique that has been used by Thai women for centuries; and is now on offer to Londoners.

The skill and experience of the massage therapist was undeniable, and I was impressed by her calming professionalism. The treatment took about an hour, and at one stage I felt myself beginning to drift off to sleep. The massage therapist’s small smile told me this must happen often.

Once the treatment was over, I was given a delicious herbal tea to sip and was free to leave at my leisure. It was a nice touch and I did not feel rushed.

All in all, the experience had been relaxing and indulgent. My skin did feel purified and toned, and in particular I noticed that my complexion seemed more balanced and my troublesome pores somewhat refined. It certainly seemed like the Thai Square Spa was able to help me find a little of that ‘holiday glow’!

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