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Arthur Shirtley

Introducing Arthur Shirtley the luxury tailoring brand. New to the British market, Arthur Shirtley was created by founders Artie and Eddie as a response to the needs of mature women and men who are looking for luxury clothing with functionality and simplicity but are mindful of the impact their fashion choices are making to the world.


Arthur Shirtley

Arthur Shirtley

Arthur Shirtley

Arthur Shirtley

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Arthur Shirtley comes with a wide variety of tailoring styles for women, from blazers to skirts, shirts to dresses, as well as men’s shirts and blazers.

I had the pleasure to swing by Arthur and Shirtley’s pop store in Ham Yard and select few pieces to style my petite frame. I also had the opportunity to interview founder Eddie to know a bit more about her and how she and her husband started the brand. Check our quick interview below:

Debonita: Tell me a bit more about Arthur Shirtley?

Eddie: “With its unisex concept, Arthur Shirtley is an expression of our collaborative relationship, as well as our inspirations from living, travelling, and working in different countries across Europe. It has taken us just under two years to develop the brand from an abstract idea into what it is today.

Debonita: How did you start the brand?

Eddie: “We had started out in the industry as retailers, so our approach to Arthur Shirtley was always going to be very customer-centric. We were very aware of the qualities that both men and women were struggling to find in off-the-rack tailoring, and ultimately we focused on three core values: functionality, versatility, and ethical manufacturing.

In a sense, we have developed our garments for our own lifestyle: our tailoring is extremely wearable, with fabrics selected to provide comfort and lightness. It can be effortlessly dressed up or down for different occasions during the day, which makes it ideal for people with a packed schedule, as well as business travellers.

Debonita: Did you experience any challenges?

Eddie: “Building the supply chain was by far the most challenging part. It was as much about building industry experience and contacts, as it was about the journey of discovery, refining our vision of what we wanted the brand to stand for. For instance, we experimented with product development and different fabric suppliers for almost a year before we formulated an internal policy of using European manufacturers only.

We have spent the better part of last year inspecting fabric mills and garment factories until we found the ones that we were happy to continue working with. Artie has taken a very hands-on approach to product development, working closely with factory technologists and quality assurance teams, aligning every stitch, angle, and pattern. Ultimately, we believe, our dedication to quality, responsible manufacturing and the time we invested in developing best practices is what sets us apart.”

I hope this gave you bit more insight to the brand. Now talking about their products, few items and that I fell in love with when I was at the Arthur Shirtley pop up are The Hampstead Blazer– A classy well-tailored piece with a contemporary feel to it, the blazer top is a very versatile option for a classic or a smart look. Made from 100% silk with 100% viscose lining, it’s so light that you can carry few of them in your carry on suitcase while travelling.

My another favourite from their collection is the ‘Thames Evening Mist Panelled Shirt’ which is such a classic piece. It’s made of two-ply 100% cotton fabric with a light natural stretch. It’s also fitted with princess seams along the front to provide extra comfort for your curves.

There’s plenty ways to style a blazer and a white shirt, I wanted to keep it really simple and authentic to a create a simple business casual look. This is one of the simplest look that you can put together with a pair of jeans like to achieve a minimal yet stylish look.

I highly recommend checking their website, you wont be disappointed.

Did you like how I styled the blazer and the white shirt? Let me know your tips in the comments section.

The post was in collaboration with Arthur Shirtley.



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  1. How fun that you got to do an interview and see the store. You look great in the pieces you selected.

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