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The wedding season is upon us and before you know it, your big day is just around the corner. Once the wedding dress, shoes, accessories and makeup have been sorted the next important thing is your hair.

Having perfect wedding hair isn’t easy, it takes months of preparation to make sure your hair looks fantastic and compliments your wedding dress on the day.

Starting six months before your wedding day is crucial, as you must make sure your hair is in tiptop condition.

Six Months

Six months? It may seem like a very long time until your wedding day, but it’s imperative to start your hair consultations six months before your wedding day. If you want to change the colour of your hair or try a different hair cut it’s time to plan for these drastic changes. So, if you don’t like anything that you tried or changed your mind, you have enough time to fix it.

Another aspect to start planning six months ahead, is hair care. Who doesn’t want healthy and beautiful hair? If you start well in advance, you can treat any hair problems and tailor your personalised hair care routine to achieve the perfect wedding hair you wanted. For instance, if you are experiencing dandruff, hair thinning or hair loss this may take time to be treated.

Problems like dandruff can be treated efficiently using good anti-dandruff shampoo for few months or using a concoction of lemon and coconut can help get rid of dandruff. You can read up further here for other natural remedies. Please be sure to consult a doctor or dermatologist before trying anything to be sure you don’t have any side effects

If you have severe issues like severe hair thinning or hair loss I would suggest taking help of professionals and opt for hair transplant. You can research hair transplant cost and decide if you would like to go for it. You only get married once so do what makes you look the best.

Three months

Three months before you should have found your ideal wedding hair that works with your dress and accessories. Work with your hairdresser during your hair trial to nail the perfect wedding hair. The number of trials will depend on how well your hairdresser knows you and your hair. If you are using a hairdresser who you have worked with for years, then you might need only one trial however if it’s someone knew you should go for 2 to 3 trials at least. Hair trials are must have them lets both you and the hairdresser know what to expect and allow enough time to experiment with few styles.

One month

During this time, you should be working your hair care routine religiously. Treat yourself to regular pamper session using hair masks, hair massage and hair oils.

Start from the inside.

What you put into your body also determined the health if your hair, so eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fish.

No over washing

Yes, you heard me right, the secret of good healthy hair is to stop over washing. Some people fear that if they don’t wash their hair every day, it will get filthy and oily. The scalp produces oil to keep it healthy and robust. Washing your hair every two days would be my suggestion if you can hold it more than two days then even better. If you feel your hair is overproducing oils, then extend the washes slowly till you notice a decrease in oil production.

Oil Treatments

I would suggest oiling your hair every week if you have combination hair and at least once a week if you have dry hair. You can mix few oils to personalise your concoction and give yourself a head massage. Once you are done with the massage, brush your hair and tie your hair up and leave it overnight.

Hair Mask

If you think your hair is healthy, then I suggest using a mask weekly to make sure you are giving your hair enough moisture as the change of season can strip all the moisture out.

If you have dry and not very healthy hair, then I suggest using a mask twice a week. There are plenty of hair masks available so be sure to buy and read the directions to see which are safe to use twice a week.

Two weeks

Your final hair colour and haircut should be done at least two weeks before the wedding. Two weeks gives enough time for your hair to adjust to the colour and cut and keeping it looking fresh. So, get yourself organised and schedule your final hair appoints and make sure everything works efficiently on the day.

Treat your hair with another hair mask so that it looks healthy and soft for your hairdresser to create his magic.

Are you getting married soon? Have you started your hair care? Let me know in the comments section.

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