Radisson Collection Hotel, Royal Mile Edinburgh

Royal Mile

Stylish, fashion-forward and Instagram Haven. With an enviable central location by the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Radisson Collection Hotel, Royal Mile Edinburgh rightly embodies all these attributes.

I’ve visited the west coast of Scotland so many time but never managed to go to Edinburgh until now. I had heard so much from my friends and family about the charm and character of the city and wanted to see it for myself, so I was excited to go on this press trip to check out Radisson Collection Hotel, Royal Mile Edinburgh.

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Hotel Crillon le Brave, Provence

Glamourous, elegant and picture perfect is how I would describe Hotel Crillon le Brave. Set on the hilltop with breath-taking views of Mont Ventoux, the hotel captures everything that that is charming about dreamy Provence. A 5-star luxury property surrounded by vineyards and olive trees offers spectacular views. It’s also a member of the Relais & Chateaux collection.

I don’t know what keeps me bringing back to Provence, the picture-perfect honey-coloured stone houses, warm climate, untamed and mountainous countryside. So, I couldn’t say no a press trip opportunity to Crillon le Brave that came my way recently.

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A Luxurious Spa Break at Kohler Waters Spa, Old Course Hotel

Kohler Waters Spa

The UK was battered by snow, wind and bad weather with temperatures plummeting below freezing in most parts of the country; I was dreaming off hotter temperatures. With knee deep in winter I was feeling a little de-energised and experiencing winter blues, but luckily I received an email with the invitation to a group press trip to stay at Old Course Hotel and experience the newly renovated Kohler Waters Spa. As soon as I saw the email, I RSVPed immediately as nothing could top beating winter blues more than warming spa treatments and uplifting scents.

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Travel Essentials With Kipling

Kipling Essentials

Travelling in today’s world is not just going away once in few months but going on trips frequently. Since I often travel for an overnight or weekend trip I don’t necessarily like to carry the traditional wheeled bags instead I like carrying stylish travel bags that suits my outfits. So I am a huge fan of classic, timeless, iconic and essentials pieces when it comes to bags and accessories as it feels effortless and ageless. Owning classic pieces means you stay relevant forever as fashion and style are changing every season.

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How I glammed my bedroom with Desenio Prints


The bedroom is the essential part of an apartment or a house. It’s a sanctuary for relaxation and peacefulness. So, it’s crucial for me to decorate it in a way that it expresses my personality and makes me happy. Being a blogger, I get to travel a lot and stay at the most luxurious hotels in the world so when I come back home, I want to create my luxurious space without breaking the bank.

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New Year New Me with Kipling

Kipling Joetsu

Few goals on my new resolution list are self-care, health, gratefulness, and working smarter. This year I am going to put self- care and health on top priority. It’s been just more than a year that I started working full-time professionally on my blog which is exciting on the one hand and stressful on the other hand. We all know working for oneself is something that most people dream of which I made a reality, and I am very grateful for it. But I want to stop putting too much pressure on myself and enjoy the journey. Last year I did compromise on my health and worked very hard to achieve all my goals which meant sitting on the computer for hours, eating takeaway and not working out. Since all of those goals have been accomplished now, it’s time to focus on self- care.

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Spa Village Resort, Tembok Bali

Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali

The setting alone, with its pristine air, clear water sea and black sand beach is enough to make anyone feel better. In an entirely unexpected spot of north Bali, overlooking the black sandy beaches on one side and mountains on the other side is the beautiful and serene Spa Village Resort, Tembok Bali

I had the fantastic opportunity to explore north Bali and stay at the beautiful Spa Village Resort, Tembok Bali during my Bali Trip.

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What Madame Clicquot and Charlotte Olympia have in common is that even though the two successful business women were born centuries apart, they are an inspiration and entrepreneurial role models, especially for young women. La Grande Dame Cuvee was launched in 1972 on the celebration of the 200th birthday of its founder. Charlotte Olympia, the British luxury shoe, and accessories brand were founded by a woman in her mid-twenties of the same name in 2008. Recently, the two brands have come together for a collaboration that is a celebration of inspirational women.

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