New Year New Me with Kipling

Kipling Joetsu

Few goals on my new resolution list are self-care, health, gratefulness, and working smarter. This year I am going to put self- care and health on top priority. It’s been just more than a year that I started working full-time professionally on my blog which is exciting on the one hand and stressful on the other hand. We all know working for oneself is something that most people dream of which I made a reality, and I am very grateful for it. But I want to stop putting too much pressure on myself and enjoy the journey. Last year I did compromise on my health and worked very hard to achieve all my goals which meant sitting on the computer for hours, eating takeaway and not working out. Since all of those goals have been accomplished now, it’s time to focus on self- care.

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Spa Village Resort, Tembok Bali

Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali

The setting alone, with its pristine air, clear water sea and black sand beach is enough to make anyone feel better. In an entirely unexpected spot of north Bali, overlooking the black sandy beaches on one side and mountains on the other side is the beautiful and serene Spa Village Resort, Tembok Bali

I had the fantastic opportunity to explore north Bali and stay at the beautiful Spa Village Resort, Tembok Bali during my Bali Trip.

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What Madame Clicquot and Charlotte Olympia have in common is that even though the two successful business women were born centuries apart, they are an inspiration and entrepreneurial role models, especially for young women. La Grande Dame Cuvee was launched in 1972 on the celebration of the 200th birthday of its founder. Charlotte Olympia, the British luxury shoe, and accessories brand were founded by a woman in her mid-twenties of the same name in 2008. Recently, the two brands have come together for a collaboration that is a celebration of inspirational women.

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The Significance of Gifting

Boots Secret Santa

It’s never too early to think about that bubbly enchantment of festive season! The Christmas countdown has already started. It is difficult to imagine celebrating Christmas without considering giving gifts. It’s time; we begin to start thinking about what could be on our adored one’s wish list.

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The New Online Shopping Destination You Need To KNOW ABOUT

J Club

In this day and age online shopping is a an incredible gift. We know the benefits of online shopping: being able to shop from our computer screen without even stepping out of our homes. With so many online website I am  always on the hunt for an new online shopping destination and of course love to get a great deal on quality products.

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Luxury Winter Sun Destination: Faro, Portugal

Jet 2 Holidays | Pousada Palacio De Estoi

About Faro:

Although many tourists consider Faro just as a gateway to Algarve but in reality, this city has a lot to offer if you decide to stop here. This city is very underrated when it comes to tourism, and many people just pass through it. However, if you decide to stay in this city, it is the perfect destination for winter, sun.

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Crushing It Every Day With Kipling

Kipling Bex Bag

As most of you know, I am a full-time blogger, and I work from home, or I am on the move. Meetings in town, working from cafes, travelling to photoshoot locations and getting from place to place in my city and abroad means I carry around a lot of things with me. So I always need a stylish, lightweight and spacious bag that can store clothing, laptop, makeup, wallet and my camera equipment.

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Where to buy luxury watches?

Watch Warehouse

A few days after the end of the Autumn/Winter fashion week in London, one of the most iconic British brands decided to reinvent everything with a newer, striking look for their website, and a focus at stocking great selections of luxury designer watches. It was a pleasant and welcoming feel for me as I decided to visit the renovated website and check out the new collections for myself.

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The luxury fragrance worth investing his Winter

Spirit of Dubai

Winter is coming. You’ve probably heard that before except that for us in the UK, winter has already begun in November. It’s time to ditch lighter attires for heavier ones for protection against the weather. But there is another reason to be excited about; winter brings the opportunity to wear the most stylish jacket, the favourite pair of warm boots, and your favourite scarf as well. I for one at least get excited about the prospect of being able to dress in coats and jackets I wait all year to wear.

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