La Maison D’Ulysse – Provence, France

La Maison D'Ulysse

“Are you sure you got the right address?”, my husband was looking at me but frankly, I was just as confused as he was. It was October 29th, midday, and we had just reached our destination in the province of Provence, France (which is just divine this time of the year by the way). We had landed at the airport and made our way to La Maison d’Ulysse. Luggage by our sides, we were standing in front of a typical French looking home. We looked at the board and it was indeed the boutique hotel we had booked for. Phew!

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River Cottage Press Trip with Muck Boot Company


Muck Boot Company

This is the time I have been waiting for the moment I grasped the touch of the countryside wind; the time I will write for you guys about my incredible experience in the river cottage. River Cottage is a highly cherished place and you may know that it has been in limelight since the show with the same name that aired from this beautiful place. This place takes the credit of revolutionising the idea of cooking shows and till now it enjoys the position of being the headliner of various renowned cookbooks. For me, this place was a Dream and this dream didn’t come true until I received a gracious invitation from The Original Muck Boot company.

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Back to Work with Kipling

Kipling Superwork bag

Summer holiday season is official over and we have stepped in to autumn, with that it’s time to forget sipping Pina coladas by the beach. We all start getting that ‘back to work’ feeling. Getting away from the sea, sun and fun not to think about the millions of emails that may have hit your inbox can feel quite depressing.

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Fashion Week Cocktails at GBR, Dukes London

Fashion Week Cocktails at Dukes London

During London Fashion Week, I was invited to try out the Fashion Week cocktails after shows at the luxurious Dukes Hotel’s GBR restaurant. Located at a five-minute walk from Buckingham Palace, and located in the heart of Saint James’ Mayfair, the luxurious British hotel fabled for its hospitality is a favourite amongst fashionistas. It is frequented by the likes of US Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour, Olivia Firth, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Pippa Middleton.

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My Favourite Place To Shop Luxury Designer Sunglasses

Fashion Eyewear | Celine

While the fashion week season accentuates a wide range of outfits and fashion statements, numberless people are always on the lookout for what’s new in the world of designer sunglasses. With the fashion week in full swing, I was lucky enough to come across The online shop offers some of the most trendy, stylish, and premium quality designer sunglasses. is your one-stop shop that offers the widest collection of designer glasses, sunglasses, and the most fashionable eyewear that helps you make a statement. In my personal experience, the staff are also just as good as the luxury products that they offer.

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Riad Esprit Du Maroc – Marrakech

Riad Esprit Du Maroc

I was beholding the beautiful sight of the city of Medina, struggling to grasp more and more when the car first pulled over in front of Hotel Riad Esprit Du Maroc. The sight of this temporary habitat was the harbinger of the feeling that this place is going to stay in my mind for my whole life. The moment we got there we were helped by the highly obliging and accommodating crew and we were smoothly ushered to the superior double rooms.

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Date Night with Ted Baker Jewellery

Ted Baker Jewellery

Date night provides an excuse to get dressed up and enjoy a great evening with your better half. I love dinner date which is one of the most classic of date nights. For a dinner date I like to make the effort and take time to put together an impressive outfit.

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