We Love Poppy’s: Exclusive, trendy and stylish technology accessories

poppy 1

I was introduced to We Love Poppy’s via Bloggers Love and since then, I am in love with the accessories. Poppy’s are decorative handmade accessories suitable for smartphones, tablets and laptops.  The Swarovski covered Poppy’s come with mini-jack plug which fit in any headphone jack. You must be wondering what if they damage your device jack, the good news is that the Poppy’s have rubber sticks and therefore nothing to worry about damage or durability.

You can choose from a wide range of collection, designed to cater to everyone’s taste. I had a look at the “We Love Poppy’s” website and you will find accessories in different shape, colours and design. The Poppy’s are perfect, if you want to give your phone or tablet a unique glamorous look.

“We Love Poppy’s” is a German based company and has been featured in magazines like InStyle and Glamour. They are now expanding to the UK and I am thrilled to attend the Bloggers Love…Poppy’s event at The Penthouse on 19th of June.

Here’s sneak peak of some of my favourite from the Poppy’s collection:

poppy 2

poppy 3

poppy 4

So ladies, do let me know your thoughts and have a look at Poppy’s website here.


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Secret to glowing skin naturally..

Did you know that coconut water is very good for skin and helps to achieve glowing skin. Coconut water is the purest liquid after water which hydrates the skin naturally making it look younger and supple. The antioxidants present in coconut water helps keeping the skin looking younger and prevents aging. Coconut water also has nutrients which is considered to give energy boost.


cocovita (2)

I personally drink Vitacoco natural coconut water everyday and feel refreshed. Hopefully with regular drinking, my skin will start glowing. Vitacoco coconut water is easily available at supermarkets in the UK. They do natural coconut water as well as coconut water mixed with peach and mango. I personally love both.

So ladies, give it a try and let me know your thoughts





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My make-up essentials: bareMinerals starter kit

I have an oily and acne prone skin. I used to get breakouts every time I put makeup on my face. I tried different liquid foundations and pressed powder but nothing helped until I was introduced to bareMinerals make-up by a skin therapist at a local spa where I was getting my skin treatments done. I have been using bareMinerals since 2011 and I absolutely love it. It feels light on the skin and you can either get a light or heavy coverage depending on your choice. It’s especially good for acne prone skin and doesn’t lead to breakouts. Since I used bareMinerals foundation almost daily, I went ahead and bought the starter kit.


Back in 2011 it was priced around £45 and had 8 pieces in the kit. Since then I have been topping up the foundation separately. The Kit includes, 2 shades of foundation, 1 mineral veil a.k.a. finishing powder, 1 all-over face color a.k.a. warmth, 3 brushes( full flawless face brush, flawless application brush and concealer brush) and a Get Started DVD. The DVD has tutorials on how to apply make-up using bareMinerals, which is very handy.

If you apply makeup regularly,it’s worth getting the starter kit. Now days they do a 9 piece starter kit which includes a face primer. You can find the starter kit here.

Do let me know ladies, if you have tried bareMinerals.

Stay elegantly fashionable xx

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New in my accessories collection: Elegantly Fashionable earrings on a budget

I have been browsing around my local shopping mall on a day off, when I decided to head to Primark to window shop, which is one of my favorite pass time being a fashion and beauty blogger :P. I headed to straight to the accessories section to see if there was any interesting stuff. Having browsed for 15 minutes, I was bit tired as I wasn’t able to find any stuff worth buying. Just after that, I spotted one elegantly fashionable top earring in cream. I absolutely loved them and I was delighted with the price which was only £1.50.  Since it was so cheap, I decided to buy two more of them to match most of my tops and blouses.

done earings finalIf you are on a budget and looking to buy some accessories, I would definitely recommend heading to Primark as you can brag yourself some good stuff on a budget price.

Hope you ladies like the earrings.

Stay elegantly fashionable xx

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House of Halos: Elite,classy and edgy glam accessories

Are you looking for beautiful elegantly fashionable head pieces and necklaces? If you are on the hunt for elegant head pieces and necklaces then check out House of Halos.

unicornunicorn  backdrop/custombackdrop/custom-theme  unicornunicorn-custom  -backdropbackdropbackdrops  birthday/unicornbirthday/unicorn

House of Halos has an amazing accessories collection,specialising in necklaces and head pieces. This brand was formed by emerging Scottish designer, Arlene Barclay. Arlene has 24 years of expertise. She personally designs and handcrafts each piece. Her beautiful necklaces have been worn by award-winning singer and song writer Emeli Sande. Her website House of Halos showcases her beautiful couture and chic collection. If you are a bride-to-be then I would suggest checking out the chic collection.I totally fell in love with the beautiful elegant head pieces in her chic collection, which would be a great match with any bridal dress and will create a glamorous look. The designs are unique, elegant and classy; perfect for your wedding day. Her couture collection features edgy elite designs perfect for occasions, when you are looking for the wow factor.

Check out few of my favorite’s from her collection below:

new 2


human hair half wigs

images with 2

glueless full lace wigs

House of Halos will debut in London in association with ‘Bloggers Love’ showcasing their beautiful collection on Tuesday the 4th of June from 7pm to 9pm at The Penthouse London. I have been privileged to be given the opportunity to attend the event, all thanks to ‘Bloggers Love’ and get the chance to meet Arlene Barclay in person.

I shall keep you all updated with the event happenings soon. Hope you ladies like the post! Please feel free to leave me your comments and feedback, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for reading.

Stay elegantly fashionable!
Debonita xx

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How to get flawless skin on face?

I have acne scars and uneven skin tone on my face. I have been trying different products but didn’t get any results. I am firm believer of natural skin care and organic products and started searching on Google and on Youtube. I have discovered many bloggers and vloggers are talking about rosehip seed oil. Since I have oily skin I was bit hesitant on using oils but I saw few bloggers and vloggers mentioning it also works for oily skin and does wonders to the skin. Being a blogger I generally trust my fellow bloggers so started researching about the benefits of rosehip seed oil and if it can be used on oily skin.

After few searches on Google, I found out that rosehip seed oil is recommended to treat scarring from acne breakouts.If you are wondering what is Rosehip oil, then it’s basically pressed oil that is extracted from the seeds of wild rose bush. It’s a light oil and rich in vitamin A, Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6. Rosehip seed oil helps promote healthy skin and delays the effects of aging on skin. It also helps to reduce scars, wrinkles and stretch marks. Since the oil is very light it is easily absorbed and can be used daily.
After reading all the benefits I decided to go and buy rosehip seed oil. I wanted 100% organic natural product so I chose Trilogy 100% certified organic rosehip seed oil.

photo-1 (2)

It’s a great product. I have been using this since 2 weeks and definitely have had visible results. I apply 3 drops twice daily after cleansing my face and neck. Since I have oily skin I don’t need to put a moisturizer afterwards and it’s not at all greasy and absorbs quickly. Also I dab some extra drops on my acne scars. I would definitely suggest all you ladies to give it a try.

I’ll be very happy to receive your feedback and comments.
Debonita x

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Interview with Gambita- Petite online fashion store

I am always on the hunt for petite brands and stores that sell fashionable clothes for petite girls like me. Few popular high street brands in UK have petite sections but the clothes are not fashionable at all.A huge thanks to petite fashionista Caroline Misan Alvo who created an exclusive online store named Gambita for petite girls like me.

INTERVIEW logo 2I checked out their online collection and it’s quite fashionable and made especially for petite girls 5’3” and under. Also the good news is, they ship to UK.

Recently I had the opportunity to get in touch with Caroline and discuss a bit more about her company and petite fashion. She is also offering my readers with a special introductory discount. If you use discount code: Gambita4Debonita, you will get 35% off your order.

I would like to thank Caroline for extending this great gesture. You can check out her website by clicking here.

So all you petite ladies check out our conversation below.

Q.Tell me a bit about yourself and about your company.

I am the 4’9” CEO and Founder of Gambita, an online store that sells clothes exclusively for petite women. We do this by aggregating clothes from different designers that are petite friendly and when possible, special order items in petite proportions. Prior to starting Gambita I worked for a non-profit, VisionSpring, which provides affordable eyeglasses in the developing world. I’ve brought a bit of my background in international development to support an amazing organization, 10×10, which is working to increase access to girls’ education in the developing world.

Q. Why the name Gambita? What does Gambita mean?

The name of the company is Gambita, which means “little shrimp” in Spanish. It was a nickname I got from my husband and I loved it because it was unique and playful. When it came time to name my company, I didn’t have to look very far for the perfect name.

Q. How do you describe the petite fashion scene in New York compared to other major cities?

In New York you have access to the major retailers that have petite sections (Banana, Ann Taylor, etc.). However, you also have the added benefit of having access to countless boutiques which tend to have smaller clothes. Despite all this access, shopping still feels like a treasure hunt and I find that I come home from shopping trips very frustrated more often than not.
Q. How did you first get interested in setting up Gambita and why is it important to you?

As someone who is 4’9”, I’ve always had a hard time shopping. I always assumed that my shopping issues were due to the fact that I was exceptionally short; however, after countless conversations with other petites, I realized that all petites faced similar challenges. I started to do some research and realized that HALF the women in the US are petite, yet there were no retailers exclusively focused on this market. It therefore became my mission to create a store exclusively for petite women that not only made shopping a seamless process, but also served as a source of pride for petites!
Q. Are there any Petite fashion icons or famous people whose style you admire?

There are several petite celebrities I admire, but I would say Shakira is my absolute favorite. She just manages to look beautiful and confident whether she’s dressed for a fancy event or dancing barefoot on stage.
Q. What would you say to someone seeking Petite fashion advice?

First off, I would say you should always dress in what makes you feel confident and beautiful. But a few basic petite fashion tips I live by are:
1. Don’t be afraid of prints, like this dress. Just make sure the prints are small, otherwise it will overwhelm your petite proportions.
2. Don’t be afraid of cropped jeans, like these, as long as they are proportioned correctly for smaller girl. They also look great with heels or flats as long as they expose your ankles.
3. Stay away from pieces with a lot of excess fabric or lack shape. A petite frame can easily get lost. If you’re going with something like an A-line or shift dress with less structure, try a belt to trim the waist, like this one.

Q. What kind of petite clothing is available on Gambita?

We have a range of items for every part of your life, whether you’re dressing super casual on a weekend with a simple pair of jeans and top or if you’re going out for a night on the town with your girlfriends in a cute dress.

Q. Since I am in the UK, if I buy clothes from Gambita can you ship to the UK?

Yes, we are shipping to the UK and all orders over $50 are being shipped free!

Q. How often is new clothing range added to Gambita?

We are trying to add clothes as often as possible, but you can expect new styles to pop up at least once a month.

Q.Which currencies and countries does Gamita support?

As long as you use the three credit cards we support (Visa, American Express, Mastercard) we can accept payments from anywhere in the world.

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What’s in my make-up bag?

These products are part of my daily make-up routine and are staple in my make-up bag. I absolutely love them and cant live without them. Check them out ladies and let me know your feedback. x

What's in my makeup bag?

£15 – neimanmarcus.com

Benefit eye shadow
£13 – bloomingdales.com

The body shop
£8.91 – thebodyshop-usa.com

The body shop
£8.91 – thebodyshop-usa.com

Mac cosmetics lipstick
£9.91 – maccosmetics.com

MAC Cosmetics clear lip gloss
£9.91 – nordstrom.com

Rimmel eye liner
£3.30 – asos.com

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