Petite Fashion Week Networking Event 2014

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Come celebrate with me the second edition of Petite Fashion Week!

Petite Fashion Week Networking event is first of its kind in the UK, supporting the UK Petite Fashion industry and bringing together petite designers/retailers, bloggers and consumers under the same roof.

final flyer

Program for the evening is below:

6:30pm -7:30pm– Petite Styling Masterclass conducted by Jess Jeetly of Jeetly Petite & Denise Estcourt of Damson Belle Image Consultants.

7:30pm- 8:00 pm– Taking care of your skin naturally conducted by Rebecca Goodyear (voted fifth most influential Natural Beauty Personality of the year)

8:00-8:30pm– Break

8:30pm-9:30pm – Petite Market Place-Showcase of Petite fashion retailers & beauty brands. There will be opportunity to buy fashion and beauty products at the event.

One lucky guest will win a designer pair of shoes sponsored by The Petite Shoe Boutique.

Guests will enjoy complimentary nail services sponsored by Nice Nails Baby.

Guests will get the opportunity to take part in a competition and win prizes sponsored by Kukee Jewellery and Prairie Charms.

So come on ladies, connect in person with like-minded petites, share inspiration and experiences, forge relationships with quality and raise awareness regarding Petite Fashion.

Tickets are limited, RSVP now on

Spread the word with hashtag #petitefashionweek

Food and drinks available on purchase from the venue.

#Petite & #Proud


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Introducing Simple Kind To Skin+ Range.

done 1

Last week, I was invited to attend Simple beauty Blogger showcase as a part of the London Beauty bloggers meetup event. I absolutely love Simple skin care products, especially created for sensitive skin. Simple was the first skin care brand in the UK to develop a cleansing product free from perfume and colour, suitable for very sensitive skin. Even doctors recommended the soap to people, prone to skin irritation. The brand was launched in 1960, and since then they have been creating skin care products with purest possible ingredients, gentle to skin.

The beauty blogger showcase was held at the charming and classy Kettners. I received a warm welcome from the simple team and was offered delicious summer fruit non-alcoholic cocktail, which was freshly prepared by award-winning nutritionist and Simple Advisory board member Fiona Hunter. After treating myself with the delicious beverage, I made my way to meet skin care fitness expert Anna Reich. I was introduced to the interesting concept of facial yoga by Anna, and she explained by doing regular facial exercise one can get youthful skin without having to go for expensive surgical treatments to get rid of wrinkles. I was blown away by her, she was brilliant!! I would suggest you ladies to check out her website and give her a try.

done 5


After the great facial yoga session, I went on to meet celebrity makeup artist and skin care expert Caroline Frazer. Caroline showed us the new skincare and lifestyle routine tool especially designed by Simple. The tool is available on the website, and asks you a set of questions to tailor the skincare routine to specific needs. I tried out,answering all the questions and received a customize skincare routine. I would definitely, suggest all of you to check out the skincare routine tool on the website, you won’t be disappointed I promise you. After explaining the skincare routine, Caroline introduced the new Simple kind to skin+ range. The range includes Perfecting BB Beauty Balm, Illuminating Radiance Cream, Protecting Moisture Cream SPF 30, Skin Protecting Light Moisturiser SPF15 and Vital Vitamin Day Cream SPF 15. I got the opportunity to test the products and loved the Illuminating Radiance Cream at the session. You can check out the range here.

done 6

The Perfecting BB Beauty Balm has unique one-colour formulation, which suits all skin tone. I am always wary of one colour creams; however I was pleased to see that it really blended well with my Indian skin tone.

The Illumination Radiance cream contains light reflecting natural minerals which capture light and instantly brightens the skin. It has a shiny effect and I quite liked it.

The Protecting Moisture Cream SPF30 has goodness of sweet almond oil. The cream provides daily protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays while, locking in the moisture.


done 3 done 2


done 4

The best part of Simple brand is they have a great advisory board that provides holistic advice and education to highlight how a number of lifestyle factors can impact on skin health. I am a firm believer of holistic lifestyle and feel Simple are a great brand who are promoting holistic lifestyle with great skincare products.

At the end of the event, I received a goody bag which included the new products. I am quite excited to use the products and I will soon update you ladies with my favourites.

So ladies, do let me know your comments xx.

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Presenting the “High Fashion society” 4th of July Event

Few weeks back, I received an invitation from Lucy Dartford PR to attend High Fashion society “4th of July” event. High Fashion society is a member only club offering vintage designer fashion goods. They offer a range of services like buying and selling of authentic pre-loved designer wear, personal shopping, personal styling, events dressing and fashion parties for adults and teenagers. The great news is they offer a money back guarantee to ensure the authenticity of all luxury goods.

hf 12

When I saw the invite, it looked very interesting. The event would showcase vintage high-end designer goods, with hair&make-up makeovers and vintage photo-shoot. I got really excited and made my way to the event after work on 4th of July. As soon as I entered the venue, I received a warm welcome with a VIP wristband. It made me feel so special :).

We have been blessed with some warm weather in London for few weeks now, since it was quite hot I first treated myself with a glass of champagne and then took a tour of the venue.  The event was on split levels. The 4th of July theme was beautifully incorporated in the decor.  The first level had the hair&makeup team with a photo shoot area. The lower level had the vintage designer items on display and food area. The food served, was very American comprising of burgers, fries, pretzels, doughnuts and cupcakes to go with the theme.  I indulged in some burgers and cupcakes. They were delicious; it was hard to control myself.

I fell in love with a vintage necklace and a green evening gown on display (picture below), from the collection. During the event, I also got the opportunity to get a makeover. Timothy David did my hair makeover. It was amazing; I was completely transformed and loved it. He is an exceptional creative hair artist. I would recommend all you ladies to check him out if you are looking for a mesmerising look. My makeup was done by the versatile Justyna Dobrowolska, who accentuated my eyes and coloured my lips red. I was bit wary of red lips but she chose the perfect colour to suit my complexion. She was very kind and gave me few great make-ups tips. I absolutely loved her work and would recommend checking her out.











At the event I was thrilled to meet the founder of High fashion society Yoanna Hanchard ( the girl in yellow dress in the picture below) and her mum. Both of them were so nice, friendly and welcoming. At the end of event, I received a goody bag with great hair and beauty stuff.


I thoroughly enjoyed the event and can say it was one of the best events I have ever attended. Lot of hard work and thinking went in, to make sure the guests have a great experience.

I would love to get some feedback from you ladies, do comment on the post. Thanks for reading.

Stay elegantly fashionable xx

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Review: Jeetly Petite Black Peplum Top


Jeetly Petite Chloe Black Peplum Top, size 8 -::- Next petite grey skirt, UK size 8 -::-Baratt black stiletto heels in UK size 3

Jeetly Petite offered* me to send a garment of my choice for review from their selection. I took the opportunity to try out the Chloe Petite Black Peplum Top. I had never worn a peplum top so I was really excited to try it out. I absolutely love Jeetly Petite and always wanted to buy work wear from them. In my current job, I really don’t need to wear formal clothes so never had the opportunity indulge in formal clothes apart from the one pair of suit I have for interviews.

For those of you who don’t know, Jeetly Petite is a premium brand of business wear for petite women like me. Their clothes are classy and chic.  They pay attention to the smallest of details to ensure proportions flatter a petite figure.


My thoughts:

  1. I was really impressed with the quality of the garment. It was premium high quality material.
  2. The top fits me perfectly everywhere; even the shoulders fit me well and were not drooling down, unlike other tops
  3. The size is right and compliments the skirt, making me look tall ( bonus for petites).
  4. The Peplum top pattern flatters my figure, the silhouette is classy, chic and sophisticated.


I was extremely happy with the top and by far, it’s the best petite top I have ever tried on. So all you petite ladies what are you waiting for? Check out Jeetly Petite website now, I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Also, Jeetly Petite is running a Summer Sale on their website, discounts are up to 50% and ends on 31st July.

*Disclosure- Jeetly Petite sent me the Peplum Top for review, to be trialled and then sent back after 7 days. All opinion in this review are my own and has not been influenced by the brand.

Stay elegantly fashionable xx


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OhSoBo natural skincare range

OhSoBo is a natural skin care company creating products with finest natural ingredients. Their products are vegan friendly, free from SLS and Parabens. None of their products are tested on animals.  Last week I received a sample box from them to try out the skin nourishing oil, refreshing foot oil, English Rose body scrub, their forthcoming shower smoothie scrub and whipped cream body wash.

blog ohso

I have just finished using all of their products, so sharing my thoughts with you lot.

Skin Nourishing oil: It’s a Bergamot and mandarin based oil with evening primrose. This oil has been designed to be used as a natural alternative to body lotion and can be used every day. The oil nourishes your body leaving a hint of sweet mandarin. If you are looking for natural alternative to body lotions then you can try this oil. I would particularity suggest this if you have a dry skin.

Refreshing foot oil: The foot oil is a combination of peppermint and eucalyptus oil which helps soothe tired and achy feet. The oil also helps to nourish and moisturise the skin. I use this at night after coming back home from work and it soothes my tired feet. You could also use this as a part of your DIY pedicure for added relaxation. I love this oil and will surely continue using this. I feel my feet are the driest part of my body and the nourishing effect of the oil helps to keep my feet moisturised the whole day. I would recommend buying this product.


oil final blog

English Rose body scrub : This scrub is a rich luxury scrub infused with rose scent, natural sea salt and essential oils. When I tried this is the shower, it felt quite oily so I was very surprised as I have never used a scrub infused with oil. Since I have very oily skin, I was a bit concerned but the scrub exfoliates the skin and was quite nourishing. The best part was that I didn’t have to apply body lotion after my shower. The whole day my skin felt moisturised so I was quite happy with this product. I would suggest indulging in this natural scrub to pamper your skin.

oh so 2

Shower smoothie scrub: It’s a natural body wash with hemp seed oil and avocado oil. I quite like this product as it has a natural fragrance and minute particles which gently exfoliates the skin. It actually feels like you’re using a fruit smoothie. This is a very innovative and great product. This is part of OhSoBo’s forthcoming scrub line which will be launched soon. I love this product. This is now part of my beauty wish list.

Whipped cream body wash: The body wash is a thick cream based wash infused with olive oil and plum kernel extract. The cream base helps moisturise the skin and the kernel extract helps in mild exfoliation. I absolutely love this product and this is one of the best body products I have ever used. The wash also leaves behind a nice fragrance. I am a fan of this now and eagerly waiting for OhSoBo to launch this with their forthcoming scrub line.

oh 1

I would suggest giving OhSoBo, a try if you are looking for natural products for your skin. You can check out their website for a full range of products. Do let me know ladies if you like it x

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Looking for natural organic face mask?

Are you looking for natural and organic face mask? If so, I would suggest heading out to your nearest Lush store.

lush final 1

Last week I was invited to attend the “make your own face mask” workshop at Lush Covent garden store as part of the London Beauty Bloggers meet up organised by Rebecca Goodyear from biteablebeauty. The lush Covent Garden store has a beauty room in the basement where few other beauty bloggers and I received a warm welcome with drinks and nibbles by the lovely Lush team. While we were waiting for other bloggers, we took part in the lush #crueltyfreekisses campaign for International Kissing Day on 6th of July.

lush final 3

After applying Lush’s cruelty free lipstick and posting the images on twitter and instagram we took part in making our own face mask using all fresh and natural ingredients. We made the Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask suitable for all skin types. One of the staff member who was showing us how create the mask, explained us in detail all about natural ingredients and what products to use to achieve a healthy and beautiful skin. Since I have oily skin with acne breakouts she also explained what products I could use and I was given a sample to try out. I am so excited to use the masks, and I shall update you ladies in my future post about my experience. By the end of the activity we received a goody bag which included the face mask we created as a part of the activity. It was  a great experience and was delighted to have met the lush team and discovered their natural products.

So all you ladies who swear by green and organic products I would recommend trying out Lush Cosmetics, they create amazing natural products with great staff members who would help you choose the perfect product suitable for your skin.

lush final 2lush final 4lush final 5lush final 6


After the lush activity we headed to Bill’s Covent garden for our monthly London Beauty Bloggers meetup. Bill’s restaurant had a great atmosphere and I got the opportunity to meet few great bloggers. I really enjoyed the meet up and recommend other beauty bloggers to join us if you are looking to meet like-minded people.

lush final 7

Hope you all liked the post. I would love to hear your feedback xx.



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Bespoke shoes by Rosina Savage Boutique

I am a petite girl and I always struggle to find shoes that fit me. Sometimes, I get the right size but don’t like the design and sometimes if the design is great the shoes don’t fit me. I am sure many of you share the same problem as mine.

Great news! for you petite girls; recently I was introduced to Rosina Savage Boutique by Bloggers Love.

final logo

Rosina Savage Boutique specialises in bespoke shoes. They use 100% genuine Swarovski elements and other luxury materials to give the shoes an elegant and unique look. Nicola Savage the founder of the boutique is passionate about bespoke shoes and after perfecting her artistic skills for years, she started the company at the beginning of this year. The boutique provides 5 star bespoke services customizing every shoe by hand using a special technique. Rosina Savage Boutique shoes are the new fashion statement that every girl would want. Their bespoke shoes have also been worn by Abigail Clarke of “The Only Way Is Essex “reality show.

The best part about the boutique is that they provide one to one consultation helping one create the shoe of their dreams. I had a look at their shoe collection and absolutely adore the glittery cute custom-made designs, perfect for petite girls like us. I have been invited to the Rosina Savage Boutique event on 3rd of July at The Penthouse, where they will be showcasing their fashion and wedding collection. So ladies, stay tuned for exciting updates from the event.

Check out a sneak peek of their collection below:

final 4 t

new final 1


new final 3

new final 2

Stay elegantly fashionable x




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Highlights from the Bloggers Love…Poppy’s event at The Penthouse

image 1 f


On Wednesday 19th June, I attended the Bloggers Love…Poppy’s event at The Penthouse in Leister Square. The venue was lovely with panoramic views overlooking The London Eye and The Palace of Westminster. I received a warm welcome from We Love Poppy’s staff and Bloggers Love event manager Danielle Antonio.The place was well decorated with lots of cup cakes and display of Poppys. There was complimentary drinks, manicure and make-up session followed by a fashion show.

I grabbed the opportunity of a complimentary manicure from the lovely nail artist of Desire Nails & Beauty. She did beautiful 3D nail art, painting the British flag with diamanté on my nails. This was the first time I tried 3D nail art and I absolutely loved it. You can check out Desire Nails & Beauty Facebook page , I would recommend giving her a try if you are looking to get amazing 3D nail art.

After drinks reception, the fashion show took place showcasing the beautiful swarovski covered Poppy connector sticks. We Love Poppy’s also offered a a great discount on all the showcased pieces especially for us bloggers. So I decided to treat my phone to cute little yellow bird shaped Poppy. Howeve,r later I changed my mind and lastly settled with an elegant white swarovski covered round poppy which is complimenting my black phone.

We also received a goody bag with discount vouchers and a cute bracelet.Over all the event was a great event and I am extremely delighted to have added a Poppy to my accessories collection.

Have a great weekend ladies.Stay elegantly fashionable xx.

image 5 f


image 2 f


image 4 f


image 3 f


image 6 f



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