My Petite Outfit for Petite Fashion Week

Petite Blogger

Dress: Top Shop Petite

  Shoes: Petite Shoe Boutique 

Jewellery: Forever21



On 14th March I hosted the second edition of Petite Fashion Week Networking Event in East London. Petite Fashion Week is first of its kind in supporting the Petite Fashion industry and bringing together petite designers/retailers, bloggers and consumers under the same roof. We celebrate Petite Women & Petite Fashion.

The first  edition of Petite Fashion Week took place from 1st to 5th October 2013, which marked the beginning of a  global petite community and provided petite fashion bloggers around the world a platform to address petite girl’s pain points. Petite Fashion Week aims to help upcoming Petite retailers/designers to reach petite consumers globally. After the phenomenal success we also hosted networking events on 14th March in Miami and Dallas.

We had a great turnout at the London event this year and had great Petite retailers like Jeetly Petite, Ego Shoes, Petite Shoe Boutique and The Clothes Lady who showcased their products at the event. We had other retailers like My Haart Beeding, Lipsplash, Biteable Beatique showcasing their products to our guests. Nice Nails Baby provided free nail services to our guests. The giveaway gifts were sponsored by Kukke and Prairie charms. The 16th Bar Petite Women’s Wear provided $150 gift cards to our guests in London, Miami and Dallas.

We had great speakers like Jess Jeetly of Jeetly Petite, Denise Estcourt, Aga Moodley, Rebecca Goodyear speaking at the event about petite fashion and beauty.

For the event I chose to wear Topshop Petite blue shift dress with Shoes from Petite Shoe Boutique and my necklace was from Forever 21.

If you are petite and want to be involved with Petite Fashion Week. Email info@petitefashionweek or tweet us on @PetitefashionWK

Petite Fashion Week details:


Twitter : @PetitefashionWK

Facebook:  PetiteFashionWeekOnline

Pinterest: petitefashionwk


Stay Elegantly Fashionable


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Representing Petite Women: Catwalk4Change Fashion Show

Petite Blogger

Image credit:James Lyon

Catwalk4change was a fashion show with difference. It showcased mature models and UK bloggers of different height, shape and ethnicity to promote multiculturalism, ethnic diversity, and positive image. The event took place at Water Lilly on 6th September, last year. All funds raised from ticket sales were donated to mental health charity MIND and cancer

I was invited to participate in the blogger fashion show. When I got the invite I was thrilled that I would represent petite women and contribute to the charity at the same time. On the day Guest enjoyed upbeat fashion show hosted by British Actress, Charlotte Avery, paired by pop legend Stacey Jackson. The event was supported by some sought after UK celebrities such as Alex Reid, Charlie Sims, Denise Walsh, Layla Anna-Lee,Lynda Bellingham, Jane Goldman and Sian Lloyd.The show also caught special attention of CEO of the British Fashion Council, Caroline Rush, who was fully supportive of the cause and was excited to see the impact it made and the issues it raised.

I was extremely pleased by the support and turnout on the day. I was showcasing African prints from two designers. The interesting part of the blogger show was each of us were wearing clothes from different ethnic backgrounds. The Africa girls were wearing Indian clothes, Asian girls were wearing western outfits. It was interesting showcase of fashion from different countries and ethnicity.

The lovely Georgina from Forks and Brushes and the designer I was wearing ( Eldimaa Fashion) took a video clipping of me walking the runway. Enjoy the video below and do let me know your thoughts.


Stay Elegantly Fashionable xx

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Natural Beauty Product Review:U little Beauty Foaming Cleanser


U Little beauty cleanser

U Little Beauty Foaming cleanser £11.50 from Mahi Naturals

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are doing good. Today I am going to review the foaming cleanser from Australian brand U little Beauty. Before I start I would like to let you know I received this product at one of the London Beauty Blogger Meetup and the company I work for used to do PR for this brand in the UK.

U little beauty is an Australian brand specialising in the natural skin care products that are cruelty free and not tested on animals. All their ingredients are natural, organic and free from animal products. I am against animal testing and I love to support companies who are taking the initiative to say no to animal testing. Ever since I have been working in PR specialising in natural beauty and organic products I have learnt of the harmful effects of chemicals that are in our skin care products. I am slowly trying to embark on the natural and organic life journey by first attempting to swap most of my beauty products filled with chemicals to natural alternatives. It’s quite hard to make the move as natural products are bit pricey and makeup products are especially hard to find for my skin tone. However I am on a mission, by end of this year I will use more and more natural organic beauty products as possible.

I have tried the Foaming Cleanser for a month now and I am quite happy with it. Initially I wasn’t convinced the cleanser would leave a squeaky clean finish as it says on the packaging. I was quite surprised it just does what it says on the tin. There are some great ingredients in the product which makes it beneficial for acne prone skin like mine. It includes extracts of Witch Hazel, Rosemary and Calendula. Witch hazel has astringent properties making it ideal for acne and inflamed skin. Aloe Vera, Lavender and Kakadu plum are also present in the cleanser. Kakadu Plum originating from Australia’s remote Northern Territory is one of the richest source of vitamin C in the world. This plant is packed with plenty of natural goodness like miners, amino acids and fruit acids.

After using this product for a month I did noticed my acne has been much better. However due to my eating habits and usage of makeup with chemicals I can’t say I have stopped having breakouts. But the cleanser has been very good helping to clean the skin without stripping off essential oils.

My verdict: 3.5 out of 5. The product is SLS, Paraben and Fragrance Free. The product is competitively  priced for 150 ml bottle in comparison to other natural organic cleanser out there. I would recommend you ladies to try this product.This product is suitable for all skin types.

Have you tried U Little Beauty products? What was your experience?

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Embracing Floral Print Zara Blouse


floral top

Blouse: Zara, UK 8

   Jeans: Topshop Petite, UK 10

Shoes: Barratt, UK 3

Happy Monday Everyone!

Since florals have been big this season I thought of wearing a floral top with my usual jeans. I love bright colours and floral prints. Most of my floral print blouses are from Zara even though they don’t have a petite section their size 8 does fit me quite well. I the feel the yellow/orange print compliments my skin tone quite well. What do you think ladies? If some of you are not too much into colours or getting scared that wearing a floral print would eat you up. Here’s my tip for us petite ladies, go for small prints as they look perfect and don’t overwhelm our petite frame. Experiment with different colours and find the one that compliments your skin tone. If you are buying online I would suggest to first go to your nearest mall and try different colours first before ordering something online. Often the colours look different on a computer screen.

shoe with floral top

Hope you find my above tips helpful. Coming back to the outfit, I love wearing jeans so I paired this up with bright floral top. I was going out for brunch so this was perfect for me.

Do you ladies shop in Zara? How do you find Zara?

Stay Elegantly Fashionable


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SS14 Petite Clothing Trend:Lace

Lace Embrace:Petite Edit

Green skater dress

Minuet Petite tea party dress

Dorothy Perkins lace tee
£17 –

Topshop short sleeve top
£46 –

Coral skirt

Dorothy Perkins petite skirt
£23 –
Lace is among this seasons hottest trends. When I think of lace the words that come in to my mind are romance, elegance and sensuality . Lace is very lady like and elegantly fashionable, perfect for the brunch date or cocktails with the girls. I have been browsing around the web to incorporate the lace trend in my petite clothing closet and found few great finds.
I have created a selection of tops, skirts and dresses apt for a day time look for this spring/summer season. The above set has been carefully curated from petite range of different retailers to help us petite ladies incorporate the lace trend in our petite clothing closet. My personal favourite is the Dorothy Perkins petite skirt.
Hope you like my curated items. Do leave your feedback.
Stay elegantly fashionable xx
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Review: Eylure Natural False Lashes



I was always fearful of wearing false lashes and stayed away from them. However secretly I always wished my lashes were longer and beautiful. One day at work, we were talking about false eyelashes and someone mentioned Eylure Naturalites false lashes to me. My colleague had tried them on and said the lashes were very light weight. She spoke highly of the lashes and convinced me to go and buy them however I was still a bit scared, thinking the glue might destroy my natural eye lashes. After my colleague’s assurance, I headed to the local store to pick up a pair of Naturalites. I came back home and immediately tried them on. To my surprise they didn’t feel very heavy. But since I was wearing them for the first time I felt a little bit of stickiness for first few seconds. After the first wear I got used to them and love them.

Since then, I have bought like 7 pairs . The lashes come in different and shapes and styles. You can have a look at their selection here. My favourites are the Lengthening, Super full and Eylure Katy Perry ‘Cool Kitty’ Lashes.

My verdict: Out of 5 I will give the product 4 stars and would highly recommend it. The false lashes can range from £4.95 to £5.65 in price. They are quite affordable in my opinion. Eylure Natural False lashes come with a glue and application instructions. I also learnt that the lashes are supposed to be put on the eyelid as close to the lash line as possible and not on the lash it self. This is brilliant as it prevents the lashes to get destroyed by the glue. Ladies, I would always suggest you to buy lashes from a good brand and make sure to use good glue as well and read reviews before you purchase false lashes.

Do try it ladies and let me know your feedback.

Stay elegantly fashionable xx

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SS14 Petite Fashion Trend: Floral

Hi Ladies,

I went to London Fashion Weekend back in February and one of the key trends for spring summer 2014 is Flower Power. Since I am a petite girl I try to buy clothes from Petite section of retailers. Fit and height of petite clothing is very important for us petites. So I have done some research and created a selection of floral tops from petite ranges of different retailers. You can find the retailer information below the image.

Flower Power Trend for Petites

Dorothy Perkins t shirt
£17 –

Dorothy Perkins petite tank top
£13 –

Short sleeve shirt

Dorothy Perkins vest
£13 –
My personal  favourites from the selection is the Dorothy Perkins t shirt and vest. I absolutely love floral prints and  it has been the key trend in London and Paris Fashion Week this year. I am a big supporter of retailers with petite range and I feel there is need for more retailers to cater to the petite clothing market especially here in the UK.
Do let me know ladies what are your thoughts? I love hearing from you.
Hope you guys enjoyed the post.
Stay elegantly fashionable xx
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Petite Style :Walking in the woods



Hello Everyone! Apologies for not being able to post regularly as I promised. The last few weeks went in preparation for Petite Fashion Week event in London, Miami and Dallas. I will soon put up pictures on the blog for you ladies to enjoy. It was a great turn out and hope all you petite ladies will join us for the next one.

The weather has been kind here in the U.K  for few days now so I headed for a walk in the woods last weekend. I love walking outdoors especially mountain side. There are few nice woodlands around where I live, so I headed  for a walk to enjoy the greenery. When I was deciding what to wear for the walk, I was looking a for comfortable jeans, short jacket and wedge sneakers. Since I am petite I always wear heels, so the wedge sneakers are a great option for us petite ladies.



Jacket:Zara,Top:Primark, Jeans:Topshop, Sneakers:Online shop(similar here)

My petite clothing for the walk was from Topshop, Zara and Primark. Zara however doesn’t do petite range but I love their clothes and try to intelligently find items that would fit my petite frame. Topshop has a great range of petite clothing. So ladies, I would definitely suggest to check them if you haven’t yet.

Hope you enjoyed the post and do leave your feedback.

Stay elegantly fashionable!

#Petite & #Proud


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Moa’s Green Balm Daily Cleansing Ritual- 100% Natural & Organic Beauty Product

Organic Natural Beauty Product

I received Moa’s The Green Balm and Bamboo Face Cloth in a goody bag when I attended the London Beauty Bloggers Meetup. I quite like the packaging as it reflects a natural and organic look. When I looked at the packaging I was impressed to see the shelf life of the product was mentioned. All the ingredients in this balm is completely natural, making it a 100% natural and organic beauty product. It’s quite difficult to find 100% natural and organic beauty products in U.K. as most of them are not totally natural. So I was very happy to find a 100% natural and organic beauty product like Moa, which is made in England.

Photo from Feb 2014 Photo Stream-3

Once I was satisfied with the ingredient list, I went ahead to use the product. The product box included a Bamboo face cloth to use with the balm. Bamboo fibre is also known for it’s naturally anti-bacterial properties so it’s good for acne prone skin, like mine. I have acne prone skin and breakout easily if I use products with chemicals, so this was perfect for me. The Green balm also has tea tree oil in it which is ideal for acne prone skin. The balm has quite a distinct smell, which I quite like. The instructions to use the product was on the packaging, which stated to take some balm and melt it between your palm and then smother over your face. After you have massaged the balm on your face, dip the cloth in hot water and wring out excess water and steam your face for few seconds. Once you have steamed your face, dip the cloth in cold water and press the soft side of the cloth on the face. The steam helps open up pores of the face and the cold water compress helps to close the pores while toning your face. My skin felt fresh and moisturised. If you have an oily skin, you won’t need to apply additional moisturiser after this ritual.

I felt absolutely amazing after this cleansing routine, it almost felt like a luxury mini facial before bed time. I would recommend all you ladies to try it out, it’s worth it.

You can buy The Daily Cleansing Ritual from their website. If you don’t want to buy the Daily Cleansing Ritual, you can also buy their mini balm first to test it out.

Photo from 15 Jan 2014

My verdict: Out of 5 I will give the product 4 stars and would highly recommend it. It’s priced at £14.99(incl. VAT) which is a bit expensive but it does come with a bamboo fibre cloth, which is worth the money in my opinion. The product is free from Parabens, perfume, alcohol and all chemicals. It’s a vegetarian product.

Do try it ladies and let me know your feedback.


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Topshop Petite Jeans & Crop Top teamed up with Winter Coat

Hello everyone!

Apologies for not posting regularly for the last couple of months. As you all know, I founded Petite Fashion Week which took up most of my time and also I went away for my destination wedding. I do promise to post regularly from now on and keep you lovely ladies informed of all things petite and my personal style.

newJeans: Topshop Petite

Top:Topshop Petite

Dress: Lilybridal

Long Necklace: Accessorize

I bought this petite jeans and crop top from Topshop and I am quite happy with my purchase. The jeans length is quite good however it’s not perfect as I am just 5 feet. The top fits perfectly well and I am in love with the colour. I feel it complements my complexion very well. The top goes very well with the blue jeans as well. I teamed up this outfit with a Benetton Coat which I bought from Paris. It fits perfectly and sits above the knees which is a bonus! I am sure all you petite girls agree with me how difficult is to get a coat that fits well on our petite frame. I did carry my usual tote black bag but I also experimented the look with a small black clutch bag. Both bags matched very well with this out fit.

P1070794 2

 Bag: Bennetton, Paris

Shoes: Barratt UK Size 3

silver prom gown

Clutch Bag: Accessorize

I combined a quite a few colours for this look, which worked to my favour. My shoes for this look is UK size 3 black court shoes from Barratts.

All the clothes in this look are from petite section of different retailers. I do tend to buy clothes from petite sections, as being petite it’s absolutely imporant to wear clothes that have good fiiting.

I hope you ladies liked the outfit post. Do leave your comments as I love to hear from you guys.

Stay elegantly fashionable


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