Parisian Style!

Coat-Naf Naf Paris
Bag- Benetton Paris

I went to Paris for my b’day last month and while I was walking around Champs Elysées, I noticed this coat at the shop window. It’s one of the best coat I have ever bought. It fits well and the height is just perfect for me.

Stay elegantly fashionable, Parisian style! Hope you all liked it xx

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New addition to my shoe closet: Beige heel sandals!

On one of my days off from work, I was bored and I started browsing some gym clothes online when I randomly saw this amazing beige heel sandals on Least expected to see heel sandals on this sports apparel website and to my surprise they had a size 3. I am sure all you petite girls reading this can relate to me, as we never end up finding good shoes. Anyway without further ado I ordered them online for next day delivery and received them. As I opened the parcel I started praying to god so that the shoe fits well as not all UK size 3 fits me.
I was pleasantly surprised as the shoe fits me very well and it is quite comfortable(BTW I did my very own catwalk in it already).The best thing is that the shoe is very well priced at £12.00. You can find the product info on So all you ladies, if you fancy a heel sandal at cheap price, I would definitely recommend it.
I’ll bid goodbye for the day, please leave your comments and feedback. 🙂

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Do you have oily acne prone skin? but can’t live without make-up?

Do you have oily and acne prone skin but cant think of a day without make-up, then mineral make-up is your rescue. I have very oily acne prone skin and over the years have been told to wash make-up brush once every week with shampoo. But even after cleaning the brush every week I still had breakouts as soon as I applied make-up. No matter how expensive and organic make-up I bought it didn’t help! Then I came across a genius resolution of cleaning the make-up brush every time with anti-bacterial wipes before applying make-up and I noticed the difference in a week and I stopped having breakouts.
Try it ladies and let me know if it made any difference.You can use any anti-bacterial wipes but I use the one by boots.
Hope this helps! xx

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