My favourite! Great gift for Valentines Day!

Lancôme perfume

I bought this “Lancôme Tresor IN LOVE” perfume from duty free at Heathrow airport and it’s the best one I’ve ever bought. The smell is elegant, sweet and very ‘lady like’.It blends very well and is now my signature scent. This is a soft fragrance great for both day time and evening.

The bottle in the photo is 75ml and was bought from duty free at Heathrow airport for around £49. A great gift for valentines day!

So ladies, you got to try this one and I promise you won’t regret buying this perfume ever.


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Parisian Style!

Coat-Naf Naf Paris
Bag- Benetton Paris

I went to Paris for my b’day last month and while I was walking around Champs Elysées, I noticed this coat at the shop window. It’s one of the best coat I have ever bought. It fits well and the height is just perfect for me.

Stay elegantly fashionable, Parisian style! Hope you all liked it xx

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