Petite Lazy Girl Weight Loss Challenge: Week 2

Petite Lazy Girl Weight Loss


Hello Everyone! Happy Thursday! I am so glad it’s almost 1 day left for the long weekend here in England. If read my post on Petite Lazy Girl Weight Loss Challenge last week you will know I have started this weight loss journey to get in shape and tone up. Just few things I wanted to share with you guys.

As of 28th April 2014 I have started following the Race for Life 5K jogging plan. I always wanted to run a marathon but never actually signed up, but this time I was strong enough and signed up for Race for Life 5K. It’s a good way to get fit and raise money for cancer. I have had too many close family members and friend’s families being affected by cancer so I decided this the best way to raise money and make a difference to this cause. I am soon going to set up my just giving page so if you guys could contribute any amount that would be lovely.

The jogging plan is an easing plan for me to follow so I decided to use that as my training guide before the race day. You can print the plan for free from here if you want. To give you a gist the jogging plan is a 6 weeks plan to help you train to jog for 5k. You train for 5 days and have 2 days rest days. This week is my first week on this plan so I worked out on Monday which was a 12 min session combining 2 mins brisk walk and 1 min gentle jog in 4 intervals. For the first week you have 3 days of 12 mins sessions and 2 days of 4 min run workout( exercise routine). If you are a newbie like me this is program is doable without making you quit after 1 session.

How I train:

1. Set 20 mins goal on the treadmill. Walk at 2.9 mph for 8 mins then for 12 mins I walk 2 mins at 3.6 mph and jog 1 min at 3.6 mph in 4 intervals.

2. I do 4 sets of Crunches. Each set has 10 repetition.

3. I stretch afterwards


Food rules:

1. No Dairy

2. No junk food

3. No soda

4. Replaced white bread with brown bread and white rice with brown basmati rice.


Weight Diary Week 2 ( Check my last week’s weight diary here)

Weight:51.1 kg  Lost 1.1 kg : feeling great!

Waist: 32 inch ( Measured around belly button) Lost .5 inch

Arms:10 inch Lost .5 inch

Thighs: 19 inch No change

Tips: I have found music motivates me a lot and I feel quite pumped up to work out hard. I do suggest you to download some great tunes for your workout. You will be surprised how much you can workout. Check out my playlist below.

Gym Playlist


Ladies do share any tips you might have. If you are also trying to tone up or on a weight loss journey like me then feel free to connect with me .If you enjoyed reading this post and want to join me in the weight loss challenge.Please tweet me or ask me questions via the comment section. Keep in touch with me on TwitterBloglovinFacebook and Instagram to check my progress.

Keep calm and carry on xx


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Models Own Hypergel Nail Polish

Models Own Hypergel

Models Own Hypergel Red Lustre SG005

Models own hyper gel polishModels Own Hypergel Sundress SG013

Hello Everyone! Recently I visited the Models Own #Bottleshop in Westfield London last week. I love Models Own  #Bottleshop its such an innovative idea of a pop-up shop. Most of their nail polishes are £5. At the Westfield shop they had a deal “Buy 6 items for £20”. I initially wanted their nail polish corrector pen however I thought it was a great chance to buy few other stuff from them. I came across Models Own hyper gel nail polish. The label said no UV so I grabbed two bottles immediately. I picked up Red Lustre SG005 and Sundress SG013. I picked up few other lip gloss and got a free lip liner. I was extremely happy. I came back home and tried out the nail polishes.

I tried the Sundress SG013 first which is a pink colour and my favourite. If you are tan skinned like me this colour suits very well brightening up the hand. I was very excited as I used to spend a lot of money to get gel nails done at nail salons in London and couldn’t afford to keep doing it. Also to remove them you would need to go the nail salon and spend £10 which also puts off many people to gel nails done frequently. Models Own have brought this amazing concept of gel nail polish which doesn’t require LED light for just £5. It is economical now get gel nails without busting your wallet. I know there are brands who do gel nail polish with no UV but I have not found any other brand who charge as little as £5. The best part is the quality is really well and you can remove it using normal nail polish remover. My nails looked perfect almost for 1 week which was great as it didn’t chip at all. When I use normal nail polish after doing dish washing they chip so easily. I was extremely happy with the result. After a week I tried the Red Lustre SG013 which is quite bright and a nice colour as well.

However my favourite is the Sundress SG005 and highly recommend it. I did get quite a lot of compliments from my friends.

Tips: Make sure you put 2 or 3 coat to get best results. Make sure you let it dry for at least 20 mins to prevent any smudging. The first time I applied hyper gel after 5 mins I started taking photos which smudged the nail colour a bit but next time I applied the nail polish and let it dry for 20 mins and it was flawless.

Also if you are a novice at applying nail polish(like me) make sure you invest in Models Own nail corrector pen which helps you erase any nail polish smudged on the side every easily. I highly recommend it.

Verdict: 4.5 out of 5. Good price and good quality hyper gel nail polish. Models Own Hypergel comes in range of colours to suit everyone’s taste. Check it out here.

Have you tried Models Own hyper gel nail polish? Do you like it? Do let me me. You can stay connected with me on BloglovinTwitter,Facebook and Instagram. Looking forward to connecting with you ladies 🙂

Stay Elegantly Fashionable xx

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Petite Fitting Room Diary


Petite Fitting Room

Last weekend I went to my local shopping mall to check out what’s in store this season. I always pass Coast store but never go inside. Don’t what was stopping me all this while. I always would go to my usual stores Topshop, Zara, Next, Mango and Primark. However there was this navy blue cami top on the shop window which caught my attention so I decided to take the leap and go inside. I was trying to pick up the navy blue cami top but the hanger was quite high up for me. This is a common problem for us petite girls is in it? Why are hangers put so high up anyway there was a lovely petite shop assistant who tried to help me saying she could help just because she is used to the rails and not that she was taller than me :P. However I managed to pick up the cami top myself somehow after few attempts. The shop assistant lady was very nice as she took the items from my hand and placed it the fitting room for me to carry on browsing. I was very impressed with their service.
Petite Fitting Room

Petite Fitting Room
Petite Fitting Room
After browsing around I tried on the navy blue cami top with a black cover up and a black jacket. I quite liked the top with the cover up as opposed to the black jacket.  The jacket fit me well everywhere except for sleeves. The sleeves length was bit long for me as you can see in the picture. I loved the colour of the cami top. The top is not from the petite section. The top is a bit long for us petites but I loved it, it could be worn as a dress or with skinny jeans as I did. You could also pair it with tights/leggings and high heels, it would look fab. The reason I wore a cover up is that I have gained weight and I don’t like showing off my arms. I would love to wear the cami top without any cover up in summer once I have lost some weight. Talking of weight have you read my post on weightloss challenge? If you are trying to lose some weight and need a partner in crime feel free to get in touch with me. Drop a comment below the post or tweet me. I would love to connect with you ladies. I am very delighted to have gone to Coast as I quite like their collection. I feel their clothing line suits my petite style. They do have petite range but only for dresses.
The blue cami top( Size 8)  I tried, is priced £35 which I think is a good price and it was good quality fabric. The cover up( size XS)  is priced £45 which I feel is a bit pricey. The jacket( size 8) is £75. I didn’t purchase any of the items at the moment but I am surely going to buy the cami top soon( as soon as it’s pay day).
Do you go to Coast? Do you like their collection?  Do let me know. You can stay connected with me on BloglovinTwitter,Facebook and Instagram.
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Petite Pick Of The Day: My Wishlist

Petite Pick Of The Day
Hi Everyone! Today’s Petite Pick Of The Day is a combination of pink and black pairings. Both these colours are my favourite and I have been trying to find a pink petite playsuit since ages. If you are petite and curvy( have a tummy) like me I would suggest trying playsuits, you will thank me. It’s the best discovery I have ever made. I am now a playsuit convert and have a few of these in my closet. Playsuit camouflages tummy quite well and looks like a dress.When it comes to pink I often think, how can I pair it up so that it looks elegant, classy and chic instead looking pretty and cute. I am so tired of being called cute, I am sure you petite ladies will agree with me. We petite girls want to be called elegant, classy, sexy, sassy anything but cute;we have had enough of the word ‘cute’. I paired this pink playsuit with black shoes, black bag and black accessories giving it a classy look.
I am a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn and love her lcassy, elegant and chic style. I adore the elegance and poise she embodied.If you are trying to achieve a classy look remember too much of accessories won’t go down well. If you are wearing a statement necklace then stick to a stud earring and perhaps leave out the bracelet or chunky watch. For this look I chose a black bag which is one of my favourite from Michael Kors and is on my wish list to buy soon. I went for black heel sandal and black sunglasses to complete the look. One more tip for petite girls is to wear solid colours it gives an illusion of height. I would suggest trying it out and seeing it for yourself.


The playsuit is from Miss Selfridges, sandals from Aiva & Aiden, bag from Michael Kors, stud earrings from and lastly the necklace is from John Lewis. You can click on the individual images below the main image to check out the price of the products.
Hope you ladies liked the post and do leave your comments.
If you like my posts you can keep in touch with me on Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
Stay Elegantly Fashionable xx
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Petite Sale Alert

Petite Sale Alert


Hello Everyone!

Today I am going to share links of different retailers who are offering discounts on their petite range, hence the blog title petite sale alert. Hope you guys find it useful. I have put direct links to the petite range on sale, so all you have to do is click. Most retailers are offering mid season sale so grab a bargain if you can. I am loving the runway edit on the next website however it’s not available in petite 🙁 Looks like I have to find a tailor somehow. I attempted to do alterations myself however that didn’t go down very well.  I will try to write a post each month sharing links of petite retailers under the blog title petite sale alert. Enjoy the links below and do leave your comments.

1. Wallis Petite:  up to 50% off .Check out their petite range on sale.

2. Topshop Petite: Good discounts. There is £46 dress which is £25 now. You saw my post Petite Pick of the Day earlier this week, the lovely crop top I showcased from Topshop is now £20 which was originally priced £36. Check out their petite range on sale.

3. Miss Selfridge Petite: Very few items on sale with variable discount rate. Check out their petite range on sale.

4.  Dorothy Perkins Petite: up to 50% off. Check out their petite range on sale. Upto 30% off on everything plus free express delivery when you spend £30*. Enter code SPEEDYDEL. *Oder by 6pm and need to select express delivery at checkout.

5. Debenhams Petite: Up to 70% off. Blue Cross Sale. Check out their petite range on sale.

6. Next Petite: Half price on most items. Check out their petite range on sale.

7. Very Petite: Variable discount points. Check out their petite range on sale.

8. Minuet Petite: up to 50% off. Plus extra 20% off on everything including sale and free delivery on all UK orders. Limited time only. Check out their range.

9. Gap Petite: unto 70% off. Some t-shirts available for£3.99 and £4.99 after discount. Free delivery  on all order over £50 and free returns on all orders via mail or to a store. If you signup for email you receive 15% off. Check out their petite range on sale.

10. Bhs Petite: up to 50% off. Free standard delivery on orders over £25. Check out their petite range on sale.

Have you spotted any deal? Do share it with me.

Stay elegantly fashionable xx



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Petite Lazy Girl’s Weight Loss Challenge

Petite Lazy Girl's #Weightloss Challenge

Happy Thursday Everyone!

I am a petite girl who stands just 5 feet as many of you would know. I used to be very skinny up till university and then I started gaining weight. I used to weigh 37 kg ( 81.57 pounds) and was underweight. When you are very skinny since childhood, your dream comes true when you start gaining weight. I started enjoying food more, thanks to my then boy friend and now husband(eating used to be a chore for me earlier). I remember my cousin and friends who saw me after a long time were so thrilled to see some flesh on my body :P. Honestly, I used to wear 2 tights underneath my jeans to make my legs look fuller( not joking, I am serious), that how skinny I was and most people would think I am 13 when I was 21. Coming back to enjoying food I started enjoying food a bit too much that I couldn’t stop craving for more and more. Currently, I weigh 52.2 kg which is in the healthy weight range according to NHS, however my waist is 32.5 inches. Measuring myself was a shocker my waist used to 24 inches and I didn’t mind it going up to 26 but 32.5 for me is not acceptable especially because I am quite petite(short). I have started disliking the fact that my tummy is hanging out and my arms look huge in photos and the worst I don’t enjoy running or exercising at all. In short I have become a couch potato who loves doing nothing apart from browsing the internet for clothes, shoes and accessories. Also would I like to add that I keep moaning that I am not in shape 🙁

It was time I started doing something about it. So I started joining dance classes as I used to enjoy dancing when I was in university however I quit after few sessions as it was too tiring for me, then I tried Zumba which I enjoyed initially and then left that after few sessions as well. Then in between tried yoga, hired personal trainer, tried the couch to 5k app from NHS but nothing kept me motivated to exercise. Just before my wedding I went on diet which helped me shed few pounds but after that I again started gaining weight. The worst part of being petite and not toned for me personally is I can’t wear dresses or skirts as my tummy hangs out.

So this week I told myself it’s enough!!! ( pay attention to the exclamation marks, this tells me its a do or die situation:P) and I will create a weight loss regime that suits me and I am not going to jump from one exercise workout to another.So when I sat down to create a weight loss program for me I started thinking what do I like doing currently. I know I love hiking outdoor especially in the countryside. Although I can’t go on a hike everyday so I thought if I  could walk everyday for 30 mins and do ab exercises for 10 mins I will be able to stick to this program. So I started researching if you can lose weight by walking ( although I don’t need to lose weight, I just need to get rid of my tummy and improve my overall fitness). I found few resources which said you can improve your fitness by walking and shed few pounds if you brisk walk. So I decided I will go to the gym and do Hill interval training on the Treadmill for 30 mins and do 10 mins of ab workout. This sounded like a plan. After researching about weight loss I know loosing weight depends 80% on nutrition and 20% on exercise so I am also going to control my food portions and try to cut out junk food as much as I can. I am not going to count calories but I will keep a check on the portion size.


I will follow this routine for 4 weeks and will report back each week with my progress on the blog, so look out for my posts each week. A quick snapshot of my weight loss plan is below

Week 1

30 mins hill interval training on the Treadmill. Level 2 at a speed of 2.9 mph

10 mins of ab workout. I am doing crunches. I found this website if you need instructions.

No chocolate, ice-cream, fizzy drinks and crisps.

Drink hot water with lemon in the morning

Weight Diary:

Weight:52.2 kg( healthy weight according to height)

Waist: 32.5 inch ( Measured around belly button)

Arms:10.5 inch

Thighs: 19 inch


If you enjoyed reading this post and want to join me in the weight loss challenge.Please tweet me or ask me questions via the comment section. Keep in touch with me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to check my progress. Send me your tips if you have any or motivate me. I love hearing from you.

Keep calm and carry on xx

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Snapped in Ilam Park: Petite Style Diary

photo 1


Happy Wednesday ladies!  2 weeks ago I went to Peak District. We went on a long drive, it was quite windy so I didn’t go hiking but we went to visit Ilam Park . It’s a beautiful country park with stately building, well manicured Italian garden, picturesque view. I would recommend going there if you live in England. It was a sudden plan so I paired my favourite Topshop jeans with sleeveless blouse and blazer. The look is effortless and comfortable. I have also posted some beautiful photos of Ilam Park for you guys to enjoy.

photo 1 (1)


photo 2 (1)



Petite Fashion Blog

Top: Primark, Jeans: Topshop Petite, Blazer: Camden Stables Market, Watch: Ebay, Sunglasses: M&S

Stay Elegantly Fashionable xx

Keep in touch with me on Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram.

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How To Make DIY Jewellery Organizer: Earring Edit

DIY Jewellery Organizer

DIY Jewellery Organizer

Do you love shopping bracelet, earrings and other jewellery but don’t know how to store them? Do you feel you keep them organised beginning of the week and then they end up in a big mess. I went through the same problem until I figured out a way to create a DIY jewellery organizer especially for my earrings. It’s very simple and cost-effective way to organise your earrings. I am not a big fan of busting my wallet and love to recycle and reuse stuff where I can. If you love DIY like me check out this board for amazing inspirations. I have pinned some beautiful easy to make DIY projects from Pinterest. I am in the process of using old jars and bottles as a vase or tea light candle holder. I will update you ladies on my progress.

How to make DIY Jewellery Organizer?

Here’s what you need:

1.  Thermocol Sheet ( I used the one which came with my kettle box package )

2. Printed Paper of your choice or gift wrapping paper.

3. Sticky tape/glue stick & scissors


1. Measure and cut the Thermocol accordingly.

2. Wrap the Thermocol piece with printed paper

4. Put sticky tape or glue to secure the paper ends.

5. Finished! Its ready to pin in your earrings.

Do you make DIY stuff ? Do share it with me. I love to hear about new DIY stuff.

Hope you liked the post. Stay Elegantly Fashionable xx

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What I Wore TO London Fashion Weekend: Petite Edit

Hello Ladies,

Happy Friday! London Fashion was back in February and all the buzz around it has faded away now. I was browsing my media library and I wanted to share with you lot, what I wore to London Fashion Weekend.

Petite Fashion


Coat: Benetton Paris

Scarf: H&M Paris

Bag:  Benetton Paris

Shoes: Thanks to Petite Shoe Boutique.

It was really cold here so I decided to wear my petite coat( I wore a petite dress from Topshop [under the coat]) and petite shoes.  I love thecoat, I bought this from Benetton Paris while I was there for my birthday two years back. It fits me perfectly and falls just above my knee, what a blessing. I am sure you petite ladies would know what I am talking about. For us petites, a coat that falls just above the knee is a rare reality. I love this coat, most of my coats are from Paris. Paris is great place to shop for elegant clothes, you can also find petite clothing if you are searching well. My shoes are from Petite Shoes Boutique, do check them out if you have petite feet.

I went to London Fashion Weekend with my bloggy friends Jodie and Vicki, it was great to catch up with them. We attended the trend catwalk show and a session about blogging by remotely fashion blog. The talk was really inspiring for us bloggers. We also went to the marketplace designer outlets to check out their collection. It was a great day and I really enjoyed it.

Hope you liked my coat.

Stay Elegantly Fashionable xx

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