What to Pack for a Summer Cruise Holiday

I’ve already written about the range of offshore excursions and onboard events I enjoyed while cruising with Princess Cruises through the Mediterranean, but one of the challenges was packing for the cruise.

This is because I wanted a relatively compact wardrobe that would stylishly transition from mornings lazing by the pool to afternoons sipping wine in the vineyards of Provence, and then to formal dinners onboard. Therefore, I put a lot of thought into what to bring in my suitcase for my seven days sailing over the seas and around the glorious Mediterranean.

What to Pack for a Cruise: Sea Days

Although you are technically in transit on days at sea, you are on board an elegant ship amongst 3,000 other guests – so I certainly wanted to look stylish while enjoying the onboard activities.

Ship days do tend to be a little more casual, however, so you’ll want some more relaxed items in your suitcase. Personally, I love a light and bright sarong or kaftan for covering up over your swimsuit, although informal items like shorts or skirts are also perfect for staying cool, stylish and laidback. I’d also include a light cardigan or jacket, as it can sometimes get a bit chilly in the airconditioned spaces.

If you are planning on participating in any active onboard activities such as a fitness or yoga class, you’ll want to pack accordingly and include suitable shoes and activewear.
Note that when dining at any of Princess Cruise’s excellent restaurants, the dress code is smart casual – think a nice blouse and dark jeans, or a stylish midi dress.

What to Pack for a Cruise: Day Trips

What to wear for the cruise’s onshore excursions really depends on what exactly you’ll be doing. For more active excursions, like our hike to the tip of the Rock of Gibraltar, we needed more sturdy shoes, whereas most of the other excursions were more laidback. For those, I can never go past beautiful maxi dresses or sundresses, which are so easy to wear and also look gorgeous, although shorts and a simple top is another versatile option.

If there’s any chance you might be taking a dip in the water onshore, don’t forget to bring your swimwear on the excursion! I’d also recommend bringing along a scarf, perfect for using as a makeshift sarong at the beach or for covering your shoulders if you plan to enter any religious buildings or places where the dress code is a little more restrictive.

What to Pack for a Cruise: Formal Events

One of my favourite events onboard the Princess Cruises was the formal dinner and evening, where we all had the opportunity to get a little glamorous and slip into something ultra-stylish. Therefore, don’t forget to bring at least one more formal or elegant outfit – it depends a little on your taste, but an elegant evening gown or chic cocktail dress are both good options. This is your chance to shine, so enjoy it and choose something you feel confident in!
For formal events, dinners and whenever you feel like adding that bit of glam, I also recommend bringing a few of your favourite accessories to add that little bit of sparkle to your outfit.

Final Thoughts

One of the great things about cruising is that you only need to unpack once, so you can be a little more generous and bring a range of items to wear while onboard. Plus, although you won’t want to forget the essentials like your swimsuit, a more formal option and some daytime choices, there are plenty of shops on board, so you’ll never be caught with nothing to wear!

Disclaimer: This post has been created as a part of sponsored collaboration with Princess Cruises, but all opinions are 100% mine.

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