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Kipling Joetsu

Few goals on my new resolution list are self-care, health, gratefulness, and working smarter. This year I am going to put self- care and health on top priority. It’s been just more than a year that I started working full-time professionally on my blog which is exciting on the one hand and stressful on the other hand. We all know working for oneself is something that most people dream of which I made a reality, and I am very grateful for it. But I want to stop putting too much pressure on myself and enjoy the journey. Last year I did compromise on my health and worked very hard to achieve all my goals which meant sitting on the computer for hours, eating takeaway and not working out. Since all of those goals have been accomplished now, it’s time to focus on self- care.

Kipling Joetsu

Kipling Joetsu

Since we are almost a month away from the spring season, I am excited to go on hikes listening to the sounds of nature and watching the sun go down. Living in England where it rains most time of the year one can just be lazy and stay indoors but I have decided that whatever the weather might be I will make sure I go out of the house. As spring is the season of new blossoms, return of birds from their winter retreat, fresh produce, warmer temperatures and longer days. It is the time to shed those old layers and reinvent yourself and put all those new year resolutions to practice.

To support my self-care and health goal to stay outdoors I need an outdoor bag that’s stylish and yet spacious to carry all the essentials while I go on hikes. When I saw this Joetsu backpack from Kipling’s new collection, I knew this would be perfect. It’s stylish and has an urban feel which means I don’t have to compromise on style while I hike. It’s lightweight, has plenty of pockets and is water resistant which is perfect for the unpredictable English weather. The straps are padded which helps for long hikes.

I already took the bag out in London, and it was so comfortable that I decided to take it to Peak District on a 25-mile hike. So it’s the new year and new me.

What are your new year resolutions?

Disclaimer: This post has been written in collaboration with Kipling, but all opinions are 100% mine.

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