Luxury Winter Sun Destination: Faro, Portugal

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About Faro:

Although many tourists consider Faro just as a gateway to Algarve but in reality, this city has a lot to offer if you decide to stop here. This city is very underrated when it comes to tourism, and many people just pass through it. However, if you decide to stay in this city, it is the perfect destination for winter, sun.

The food, the culture, sightseeing, nightlife and sunny beaches, this city has the perfect combination of these things to offer you. The city is packed with well-maintained plazas and parks which give you the perfect opportunity to relax. The city also features a historic site which is full of pedestrian lanes and pretty outdoor cafes with amazing food. This city has a lot to offer and is perfect for a relaxing trip.

Faro is very easily reachable from the UK, and I had the pleasure to travel with Jet2 on a memorable and exciting trip a few days ago.

Our journey to Faro:

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Jet 2 Aircraft


As a part of Jet2holidays‘ Jet2 City Breaks, my husband and I went on a package holiday to Faro. Jet2holidays offer great packaged holidays which includes return flights and accommodation. Their holiday packages are fantastic, and they are ATOL protected which means you can trust them with a peace of mind.

We started our amazing journey from the Jet2’s London base which is in Stansted. At around 7 am we arrived at the base and simply dropped our bags at the Jet2 dedicated counter. We made the excellent decision of checking in online so went straight ahead to the self-check-in kiosks. As there are many kiosks in the base, so there were no cues, and within five minutes we were done with checking in our baggage. This was the first time at any service that we got free so soon at the baggage department. After that, we had the routine and boring airport security checks, but everything turned out fine.

After going through all the customary security checks, we decided to have a quick breakfast at Leon. Just after we had finished eating out breakfast, there was an announcement that told us that now it is time to board the plane. Within the next 10 minutes, we were sitting in the aeroplane because everything went so smoothly that it took us no time at all.

The Jet 2 aircraft itself was quite a surprise for us. We felt like we were travelling in a big aircraft because the seats were so comfortable and had really good leg space to help us relax. The whole journey in the aircraft was fantastic mainly because of the excellent taste in music that these guys had. Another interesting thing that I noticed was that all the luggage bins were labelled with a country name which was really nice to see. One of the best things about the plane that I personally really liked was the interior. It had great grey, red and white décor that gave it a very exclusive look. The seats in the plane were so beautifully designed in U shape that not only they looked beautiful, but they gave every passenger good space.My husband is 6 foot tall, he definitely appreciated the leg space which is very uncommon for a short haul flight.

Our Stay in Faro:

Pousada Palacio De Estoi

Pousada Palacio De Estoi

Pousada Palacio De Estoi

Pousada Palacio De Estoi

Pousada Palacio De Estoi

As a part of our package holiday, we stayed at the 5-star luxury hotel ‘The Pousada Palácio de Estoi’. A bit away from the city centre this hotel is built in a beautiful palace that was restored in the 18th century but still has the element of originality to it. With beautiful gardens surrounding the palace, there was a lot that we were able to do at the hotel. Along with exploring different parts of the palace, we relaxed in different swimming pools, spas, Turkish baths and tropical showers. We were allocated the Classic room which was very comfortable and had a lot of various facilities. Minibar, LCD TV, amazing view from the patio, Wi-Fi access what more can one ask for? One of the most striking things that attracted us the most about the hotel was their beautiful royal lounges; we spent a lot of time in the evening drinking wine in the lounge areas which definitely made us feel like a royalty. Overall we were delighted with the services during our stay. This was my first time staying at palace hotel, and I couldn’t have felt more like a VIP.

Sightseeing and Activities:

Benagil Caves


Benagil Caves



Faro, Portugal

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Palacio de Estoi

As I have already mentioned that our hotel was in the palace. In fact, the palace was renovated to convert it into a hotel. One of my favourite activities throughout our trip remained to explore different parts of the palace. As we were already living in that place, all we had to do was walk around in different parts of the palace, and each time we were able to find something historic and exciting.

Old Town Faro

We decided to hire a car from Avis Budget at the airport as this was the best way to explore Faro and surrounding areas. We drove to the Old Town area of the city it with plenty of free parking just outside the old city walls. Old Town area is so rich with culture, diversity, interesting traditional architecture and buildings that we were amazed. The old town was fascinating because of the excellent street food that was available over there. There were a lot of alleyways with shops on the sides.

Ria Formosa

After we were done exploring different alleys of the Old Town we decided to visit the Ria Formosa on the same day. It was indeed a fantastic experience. Although because of a shortage of time we did not a get a chance to take a boat ride, we still drove around it a little. The place was amazing and very peaceful. The scenery was breath-taking, and it felt like we were part of a beautiful natural masterpiece. There is no doubt that indeed Ria Formosa is a wonder of nature and something Portugal should be proud of.

Faro Beach (Praia de Faro)

During the entire stay in Faro, we went to the Faro beach almost daily. The beach is not only very scenic and beautiful it is also a great place just to sit back and relax. There is a lovely Beach Club at the beach, and one day we decided to have lunch over there while sunbathing. Another evening when the sunset was gorgeous, we decided to go to the beach. That day we had dinner at the beach at the Wax Restobar. Both of the meals from these places tasted delicious.


On one of the evenings, we decided to visit Albufeira which is 40 mins drive from Faro. The place is full of beautiful beaches, lively shops, and amazing food. Luckily, we reached just before the sunset, and we were able to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets at one of the most peaceful beaches. The town is seriously amazing. It is small but very lively. We decided to have dinner there at the strip which is near the beach. This is the place where all the good restaurants can be found.

Benagil Beach and Caves

On the third day of our trip, we decided to make most of the rental car and visited Benagil beach and caves. Benagil is situated at 50 mins drive from Faro and is a stunning beach. The place is also famous for many amazing caves and secluded beaches which make it a popular tourist spot. At the Benagil beach, we decided to take a boat ride with local Taruga Benagil Tours company to see the breathtaking coastline, caves and rock formation. During an hour-long boat ride, we were able to see about 18 of these caves. Lighthouse cave is the most famous cave in this area, and we were lucky enough to visit it up close.

Praia da Marinha  ( Marinha Beach)

While we were visiting the Benagil beach, we found another amazingly beautiful beach called Marinha Beach which was just five mins ride away from the Benagil Beach. The scene from this beach was brilliant.

Praia do Carvalho ( Carvalho Beach)

The third day of our trip was really hectic for us because after Benagil and Marinha Beaches we decided to check out another beach which was also five mins away from Benagil beach. Every beach in the area has a lot of things to offer, and they are quite different from each other.


Portuguese Custard Tarts


Dining at Pousada Palacio De Estoi

In Faro

Most of the meals during our stay in Faro were from the hotel restaurant. One of the best things about the hotel restaurant was the wide variety of options they had. The food of this restaurant was simply mouth-watering and made by expert professional chefs with fresh local ingredients.

Wax Restobar
Another highlight of our vacation was my birthday, and we decided to celebrate it in this lovely restaurant by the beach called Wax Restbar. The place was incredible and gave off a fun and carefree vibe. We had a lot of fun here, and the food was terrific too, so we decided to give it another try on the late afternoon one day to enjoy the sunset at the beach with drinks of course.

Beach Club

I think the last day of any vacation is the hardest. We spent the morning of our last day sitting at the beachside restaurant. The weather was beautiful, so we decided to order a few cocktails followed by lunch.

In Lagos

On the third day of our trip after exploring Benagil caves, we decided to have lunch at Restaurant Camilo. The view from the restaurant was just breathtaking. A cool breeze was flowing, and the atmosphere was magical.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about my short trip to Faro with Jet2holidays. They offer brilliant package deals or if just want check out great deals on flights check out Jet2 website. I can’t wait to go on more Jet2 Holiday trips soon.

Disclaimer: Thank you Jet2 for the complimentary trip. All opinions are 100% mine and has not been influenced by the brand in any way.

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