Following the #LagomLifestyle in 2017

Lagom Lifestyle

We are 2 months in the new year and ready to welcome the Swedish trend called ‘Lagom’. 2016 was all about Hygge trend but it has been predicted that 2017 will be all about Lagom.

Lagom means just the right amount and finding the perfect balance. It’s not about depriving yourself of luxuries or indulging in extreme luxuries. It is all about creating a happier and better life. The huge focus is on sustainable living by recycling, creating less waste and saving both water and energy.

Following this trend, Ikea has launched a project called ‘Live Lagom’ as a part of their initiative to teach people how live a more sustainable life in the future. Their mission is to ‘make living more sustainably easy, affordable and attractive’. You can check out Ikea’s Lagom initiate range here. If you want to get more information about Ikea or find their contact details please you can check Contact Number’s UK website which has a lot of information.

When I was contacted by Contact Numbers UK about their ‘Lagom Lifestyle’ campaign to support Ikea’s ‘Live Lagom’ project I was more than thrilled. I love the concept and decided to take part in it immediately as I feel it’s our duty to make the world a better place to live for our future generations.

Here are a few ways I am going to incorporate the ‘Lagom Lifestyle’  in my life.

Planning my meals

There are couple of reasons why I want to plan my meals. It would help save time and give me more hours to my work day, reduce overcooking and save electricity as we have an electric hob.

Planning my meals will also make sure I eat healthy meals and keep me in shape as I tend to bing eat or order take away which is not at all healthy. I plan to batch cook 5 days worth of meals to make sure I am on track.

Save energy

 With so many electronic devices at our homes we have become lazy and tend to keep all appliances and gadgets on standby mode. Leaving electronic devices on standby mode for a long period is a complete waste of energy.So, to save energy and household energy bills I am going start turning off electronic devices and break my standby habit.

Capsule closet

Creating a capsule closet will help me declutter my closet, save me from impulse purchases and create many outfit pairings that I would have otherwise overlooked. Having just the right number of clothes would save so much money and prevent me from stuffing my closet with clothes that I would never wear.

Hope guys liked today’s post. Would you consider living a Lagom lifestyle? Do let me know in the comments section.

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