Jade Mountain, Saint Lucia

Jade Mountain

Perched atop the hillside within the dense jungle of the Anse Chastanet property in Saint Lucia, Jade Mountain is nothing short of astonishing. Surrounded by jaw-dropping natural beauty and featuring architecture that takes every opportunity to highlight the mesmerising views and blend with its stunning surroundings, it is truly enchanting.

Check In

We had spent several days at Jade Mountain’s sister property, Anse Chastanet, and were thrilled to be offered the opportunity to spend our final night at the striking resort, which is located on the same property and has the same owners. After a wonderful stay at Anse Chastanet, we were intrigued to see what  Jade Mountain – considered an even more luxurious resort – would offer.

We were escorted to Jade Mountain by the friendly and professional Peter, who is an assistant manager at the property. It is not far to reach the resort from Anse Chastanet, as it is just about a ten-minute walk further up the hillside, and toward the gorgeous Pitons. There is also a shuttle bus if you would prefer not to walk up the incline.

Once we arrived at Jade Mountain, we were warmly welcomed and offered a cool welcome drink which we gratefully accepted. We were also introduced to our butler, known as Major Domo at Jade Mountain, who accompanied us to our accommodation.

Spaces are not known as ‘rooms’ at Jade Mountain, and are instead called ‘Sanctuaries’. As the door opened and the spectacular room was revealed to me, it was clear why. Anse Chastanet was beautifully decorated, but Jade Mountain was even more so, with luxurious and elegant style framing the magnificent view over the Pitons.

The room also featured a delightful full size swimming pool – needless to say, we were delighted with our sanctuary! We also appreciated the little extra touches, including welcome snacks, sparkling champagne and a mobile phone in case we needed to call for any assistance during our stay.

The Resort

Jade Mountain is the spectacular work of architect Nick Troubetzky, and the attention to detail in the décor and facilities is stunning. Nick Troubetzky has created a totally unique space that blends harmoniously with its environment, not only in aesthetics but by being complete environmentally friendly.

Being ecologically friendly is not something that Nick Troubetzky decided on once it was popular, but a lifelong ethos that he has been promoting for decades. Clearly, his love for the environment was at the forefront of the design and the end result is a strikingly beautiful paradise for all those who love nature. The resort perfectly honours the stunning beauty of the area, with the magnificent Pitons in full view at every opportunity.

It is no wonder that Conde Nast Traveller named Jade Mountain one of the world’s best resorts, and it is the first Caribbean hotel to earn the prestigious LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environments Design) Certification.

The rooms are so beautiful that it is tempting simply to remain in them, soaking in the beauty and each other’s company. Luckily, the resort also has much on offer outside the room, to tempt you out.

Jade Mountain has its own spa, with a luxurious menu of treatments that can be enjoyed either in your room or in the comfort of the resort’s spa, Kai en Ciel. There are also numerous yoga classes on offer, all led by experienced and passionate practisers of yoga.

In addition, all guests at Jade Mountain have access to the full suite of activities on offer at nearby Anse Chastenet, including the beautiful sandy beaches and aquatic activities including kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and diving. Divers in particular are sure to be impressed by the services on offer. All of this can be arranged by the concierge that is available 24/7 at Jade Mountain.


There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to the design of sanctuaries at Jade Mountain, and each is uniquely crafted with different design, décor and architectural features. The name ‘sanctuary’ is perfect for how we felt in the beautiful room, surrounded by nature.

There are five different types of rooms at the resort, with celestially-inspired names: Galaxy, Sun, Moon, Star and Sky. We stayed in the Sun Sanctuary which was stunning beautiful – probably the most amazing room we have ever stayed in.

Keeping with the architect’s desire for the resort to exist harmoniously with nature, the internal décor blends beautifully with the natural environment. It features luxurious hardwood, which was crafted from trees personally selected from a nearby forest by the architectural team.

It is impossible not to feel relaxed and at ease within such a beautifully elegant setting. We especially loved the open deck area complete with sun chairs, which was the perfect place to soak in the amazing views with a glass of cold champagne in-hand.

The room is largely open plan, with the bathroom a part of the greater sanctuary. The bathroom was large and airy, with a spa style shower and an enormous jacuzzi.

Perhaps most uniquely, the sanctuary has no fourth wall and instead open to allow you every opportunity to soak in the enchanting views of the Pitons, which were 270 degrees from our Sun Sanctuary. We of course also loved the 900 square foot infinity pool that was also integrated into our room and had a delightful view.

The sanctuary also features a comfortable and elegant living area which is perfect for sitting and conversing against the beautiful backdrop of the view. The rooms have no television or radio so as not to distract from the view and each other’s company – although I was pleased to find that there is fast, free internet in all of the sanctuaries.

All in all, the end result of Nick Troubetzky’s vision is truly incredible and we could see why some guests choose never to leave the privacy and comfort of their sanctuaries!


Shortly after we were introduced to our beautiful room, we were invited to share a drink with the managers and other guests at Jade Mountain. This gathering was held on the top floor terrace of the resort, a space that amazed us even further with the view.

From the terrace, you get jaw-dropping views surrounding you, with the Pitons to one side and the azure ocean waters to the other. Although we had spent a lot of time gazing at this view already, the elevation and openness of the roof terrace gave it an even more magical appearance. You truly couldn’t imagine something more indescribably beautiful, and it gave me goosebumps just to look out over it.

Along with the gorgeous views and chance to meet the managers and other guests, we also enjoyed some sparkling champagne and tasty nibbles. Like all of Jade Mountain, there was incredible attention to detail and the chef himself was on hand to explain each ingredient and how it had been sourced locally.

After enjoying the drinks, we were escorted to Jade Mountain Club restaurant for our dinner. The club is located over one luxurious level and exudes the same natural elegance as the resort and its 29 sanctuaries, and is wrapped around a dazzling infinity pool. Each table has a gorgeous view of the Pitons, so there is no need to worry about getting a “good” table. Even the bar and waiting area have a beautiful view.

Chef Allen Susser has coined the name ‘Jade Cuisine’, and strives to serve fresh, innovative and locally sourced meals. He utilises ingredients that are sustainably produced and in-season, meaning that the menu changes often in line with what quality produce he can find. The menu is simple and allows for the flavours to speak for themselves. All of the food that we had was divine, and there was an impressive wine list to accompany it.

Throughout the week, additional culinary events are offered by Chef Allen Susser, including chocolate tastings and food tours of the Anse Chastanet estate. We did not get to go on any of these, however they sounded wonderful, especially for chocolate lovers.

After a gorgeous meal, we retired back to our sanctuary to enjoy the natural beauty and elegance.

Final Thoughts

After only a few minutes in the enchanting Jade Mountain, it was abundantly clear why there has been so much praised heaped on architect Nick Troubetzky. With such stunning natural views, you would think that a resort may only distract from them; but not the Jade Mountain. Its inspired design means that it blends in respectfully, only adding to the amazing beauty of the location.

Within the resort, no detail has been overlooked and it is truly the ultimate sanctuary for those who love nature, elegance or inspired design. From the friendly and professional staff who’s help is only ever a phone call away, to the expansive infinity pool with mesmerising views over the Pitons, Jade Mountain is truly a resort like no other, and worthy of all the praise it gets!

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