How To Solve Biggest Petite Fashion Problems

Elegantly Fashionable

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Today’s blog post is about ‘How To Solve Biggest Petite Fashion Problems’. If you are petite like me you it must be frustrating for you to find clothes that fit your petite frame and are also stylish. I feel my height is a hindrance to my style, as I can’t buy the most fashionable maxi skirt/dress and jeans from designers or fashionable retailers. I have to mostly rely on the limited petite pieces available.

Elegantly Fashionable

Elegantly Fashionable

Elegantly Fashionable

cocktail dress


Top: Mango ( Similar here)

Jeans: Asos Petite

Bag: Michael Kors

Dress : Lilybridal

Sunglasses: Rayban via Sunglass Hut



After conducting a poll at our petite chat discussions on twitter I have learned the biggest fashion problems for petite women are finding jeans and maxi dress/skirt that are of the right length. I have come up with few tips and tricks that we petite girls can rely on to solve these problems

Petite Fashion Problem – Jeans

Are you constantly searching for a good pair of jeans that’s the appropriate length? I haven’t been able to find petite jeans that is the perfect length for me. So my tip is to roll up the jeans look like I did in the photos in this post.

Petite Fashion Problem- Maxi Skirt

It has been a common myth that short or petite girls can’t wear maxi skirts. Maxi skirts can give an illusion of longer legs creating a taller appearance. However often it’s a nightmare to find maxi skirts that fit petite girls. If you haven’t been able to find a maxi skirt from the petite section I recommend checking out midi skirts from the general range which is often can be full length for petite girls depending on your height.

Hope these tips were helpful. Let me know if you have any tips in the comment section?

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  1. Love this outfit! Another way I have learned to make my jeans the right length is cutting them- especially since frayed hems have been in for a few seasons now.

  2. Definitely not petite, so I’ve got no advice in this realm. Haha.But I’m trying to convince my cousin – a petite girl – to start a fashion blog. I don’t know how she pulls off such great outfits. Everything looks so good on her!

  3. I’ve found that some kids maxi skirts also fit me so its not too bad! im a happy bunny that i have some skirts to wear. I also discovered that standard maxi skirts went over my baby bump and i could wear them for a limited time. not bad that primark did some for a fiver so i got about three pairs haha #brillblogposts

  4. I am only 5′ tall, size 2. Old Navy petite jeans – available only online – are a perfect length for me. Rarely buy jeans any where else.

  5. I am also petite and it sucks when you fall in love with the perfect pair of jeans but they are too LONG! Topshop petite range is always a good shout for jeans and maxi skirt styled with a crop top and heels works 😀

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