Embracing Floral Print Zara Blouse


floral top

Blouse: Zara, UK 8

   Jeans: Topshop Petite, UK 10

Shoes: Barratt, UK 3

Happy Monday Everyone!

Since florals have been big this season I thought of wearing a floral top with my usual jeans. I love bright colours and floral prints. Most of my floral print blouses are from Zara even though they don’t have a petite section their size 8 does fit me quite well. I the feel the yellow/orange print compliments my skin tone quite well. What do you think ladies? If some of you are not too much into colours or getting scared that wearing a floral print would eat you up. Here’s my tip for us petite ladies, go for small prints as they look perfect and don’t overwhelm our petite frame. Experiment with different colours and find the one that compliments your skin tone. If you are buying online I would suggest to first go to your nearest mall and try different colours first before ordering something online. Often the colours look different on a computer screen.

shoe with floral top

Hope you find my above tips helpful. Coming back to the outfit, I love wearing jeans so I paired this up with bright floral top. I was going out for brunch so this was perfect for me.

Do you ladies shop in Zara? How do you find Zara?

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  1. Such a lovely outfit – that colour really does suit you well:) I love your shoes as well! I like Zara, they’ve always got such classy items. I also like your tips on the floral prints. I don’t really wear many floral items as I don’t think suit them very well, so I might go looking for more smaller prints:) x
    |Life as a Petite|

    1. Thank you so much Tiny. Hope you are well. Glad you liked my tips. I love Zara wish they also had a petite section. xx

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