Date Night with Ted Baker Jewellery

Ted Baker Jewellery

Date night provides an excuse to get dressed up and enjoy a great evening with your better half. I love dinner date which is one of the most classic of date nights. For a dinner date I like to make the effort and take time to put together an impressive outfit.

Ted Baker Jewellery

Ted Baker Jewellery

Ted Baker Jewellery

Ted Baker Jewellery

While putting together an outfit I always like to pick one item and then craft the entire look around it. When I saw this beautiful Ted Baker rose gold necklace and bracelet, I knew I had to craft a look entire it. I believe a beautiful peace of jewellery transforms any outfit instantly. Jewellery has the ability to spark a conversation and tells a story about the wearer.

While pairing jewellery with an outfit there are few things to keep in mind if you want to make sure it compliments your outfit. When you you want your outfit to be the focus make sure you select minimal and dainty pieces.On the other hand when you want the jewellery to be the centre of attention then your outfit should be simple and one tone outfit like a solid colour jumper, dress or a basic t-shirt and jeans.

In addition the the above tips there are few ideas on which jewellery works well with which neckline in order to create a flawless and well crafted look.

When wearing off shoulder tops or dresses stick to necklaces that stay close to the neck and are short. This is why I chose this jumpsuit to compliment the beautiful Ted Baker jewellery.

If you are wearing v neck outfits then opt for layered necklaces. Layered necklaces that are carefully staggered fill the blank space that v neck creates without overcrowding the neckline.

Although when wearing T-shirts you can also layer few necklaces together as it really transforms the outfit.

With turtle necks opt for minimal choker that sits well on the garment. This will create an instant oomph.

Hope you liked these tips and let me know what are your thoughts.

Disclosure- I was gifted the jewellery items. All opinions are mine.

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