5 Reasons To Visit Moisson In France

Moisson, France

When it comes to France, the majority of tourists opt to visit cities like Paris, Nice, and Marseille. What most tourists don’t know is that they can discover the true essence of France in the most unexpected places like Moisson.
Moisson is situated in Yvelines in the Paris region of France. It is at a distance of 5km from Paris and 32 km from Versailles, the department capital. More well-known places nearby that are frequented by tourists are Vernon and Evreux at just 13 and 38 km away. The place might sound a tad bit dull but we have some very solid reasons to convince you to visit Moisson.

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5 Must See Places in Europe & Link Up


Living in England it’s really convenient to just hop on a car, bus or a plane to visit one new country in Europe. Being an avid traveller I have blessed to be able to visit some beautiful places and there are few places that I would love to add to my travel bucket. Below are 5 must see places in Europe that I aim to visit this year.

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Casa Morisca Hotel: Granada, Spain

Casa Morisca

Spain has been on my “to visit” list ever since I fell in love with its language, culture and of course, food. So, it was a due time that I went here. This happened in the autumn of 2012, when we decided to travel for few days and discover the region of Granada, the southern part of Spain.

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