Tiffany & Co Bracelet: My Favourite Jewellery Item


Tiffany Bead Bracelet


Tiffany Bead Bracelet


Tiffany Bead Bracelet


Hello! Hope you are having a great day. Today’s blog post is about my favourite jewellery item, it’s my Tiffany & Co bracelet. I received this bracelet as a present on my hen party from my cousin. This is the best present I have received so far. I absolutely love the Tiffany & Co.¬†bracelet and wear it most times with my chunky watch. I love delicate jewellery and no one can do it better than Tiffany & Co. This my first blue box although it’s not a diamond ring but may be one day. I am giving my Mr. a subtle hint ūüėõ that I would like to own more items like the Tiffany & Co bracelet.

This bracelet is part of the Return to Tiffany range and is inspired by a design which dates back to 1969. It’s a 7 inch long sterling silver bead bracelet with a mini heart tag. The beads are four millimetre long and are absolutely beautiful. When I think of Tiffany & Co. words like elegance, class and sophistication come to my mind and it reminds me of my role model Audrey Hepburn. I loved the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, it’s one my favourite movies. I am sure loads of you ladies love the movie, it’s such great mix of romance and elegance; loved the way Tiffany’s was shown who would respect every customer irrespective of their budget.

When I was in San Francisco, I went to their store in Union Square and the store was absolutely marvellous. I fell in love as soon as I entered and wanted to buy almost everything. Coming back to my bracelet you can wear this bracelet on it’s own or you could also pair it with a nice watch. When I am wearing a girly dress I often just wear the bracelet on it’ own however ¬†when I am wearing a jeans and blazer, I pair it with my chunky watch.

For UK readers,the bracelet is priced at £130 and can be bought online from their website. For US readers, the bracelet is priced at $150 and can be also bought from their US website.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Feel free to get in touch with me. I love hearing from you. Feel free to leave your comments.You can stay connected with me on Bloglovin, Twitter,Facebook and Instagram. Looking forward to connecting with you ladies :)

Stay Elegantly Fashionable xx

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My Instagram Snapshot

My Instagram Snapshot

Hello everyone! Today’s post is a snapshot of my Instagram photos. I am quite new to Instagram and not yet addicted to it but I try to¬†post photos I like when ever I can. Photos can speak more than words to me. Here is a quick snapshot of my Instagram timeline and the most liked photos.

The car in the snapshot was captured in Spitalfields market in East London. It’s a quite interesting way to showcase fashion. Also next it to it is a cute cupcake van. I loved the way the cupcake van has been created and decorated. I love bright colours and it instantly caught my attention. If you are visiting Spitalfields market the van is just next to the Benefit Store. If you love vintage stuff and like to check out new designers, I¬†recommend visiting Spitalfields market on Saturday. The style market takes places on Saturdays showcasing new designers. I haven’t yet checked it out but will visit soon and update you all.

Another interesting photo on that I posted on Instagram¬†was the Sweet Virtues Truffle. Sweet Virtues is a new upcoming food brand creating handmade super food truffles. The truffles are¬†dairy free and absolutely delicious. They haven’t launched yet in full swing but I recommend trying them out when they launch. I came across Bobo’s Juicery¬†at the Little Shop of Beauty event.¬†They make cold pressed organic juices and smoothies. I was never fan of drinking vegetable smoothies even after knowing they are packed with nutrients but when I tried their¬†A Bit of Ruff(age) juice a mix of fruit and vegetables I am now a convert. The juice is absolutely delicious and packed with nutrients and vitamins. They deliver to most post codes in London and you can order the juices online. Each juice is priced ¬£5 which is a bit expensive but it is¬†totally worth it.

I am trying to live a healthy life and have been looking for restaurants and cafe serving food sourced from organic ingredients. One of my favourite place for lunch time meal is¬†Le Pain Quotidien. One of the pics in the Instagram snapshot is the Toasted Smoked Chicken & Mozzarella Tartine¬†from Le Pain Quotidien, it’s¬†delicious. Do check them out ladies if you¬†haven’t yet.

Did you enjoy the post? Please do let me know if there is any particular kinds of post you would like me to write regularly. I love hearing from you. You can stay connected with me on Bloglovin, Twitter,Facebook and Instagram. Looking forward to connecting with you ladies :)

Stay Elegantly Fashionable xx

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Petite Lazy Girl Weight Loss Challenge: Week 3

Petite Lazy Girl Weight Loss Challenge


Hello Ladies! Last Week I was feeling quite low and didn’t workout so apologies that I couldn’t post petite lazy girl weight loss challenge week 3 updates. This week is my week 3 as I missed last week’s workout. Week 2 of my weight loss journey saw some tiny improvement and it motivated me to work harder. I am on week 2 of the¬†Race for Life 5K jogging plan. This week I have been doing two 15 min sessions and one 18 min session of jogging & walking¬†and 2 days of light exercise. From last week what’s different, is the increase in time and you walk for 1 min but jog or 2 mins in each session as opposed to 1 min jog and 2 mins walk. I was doing very well in week 1 of the plan, week 2 seems to be challenging for me especially jogging at 3.5 mph. I haven’t gone jogging in years and feel like I can’t¬†jog¬†any more. I have been extremely sad, looking¬†at my condition and I am not even 30. I am determined to get back my fitness ¬†and I am now trying to do my workouts in the morning so that I don’t have any excuse to skip them after work.

Just before my morning workout I am drinking Herbalife Strawberry protein shake with almond milk as I have hormonal acne and have stopped diary completely. I am a Herbalife distributor in case any of you want anything ordered do let me know.

Weight Diary Week 3 ( Check my last week’s weight diary here)

Weight:51.2kg ¬†( gained few grams as I didn’t work out last week)

Waist: 32 inch ( Measured around belly button) no change since week 2

Arms:10 inch (no change since week 2)

Thighs: 18.5 inch .5inch loss


If you are also trying to tone up or on a weight loss journey like me then feel free to connect with me .If you enjoyed reading this post and want to join me in the weight loss challenge.Please tweet me or ask me questions via the comment section. Keep in touch with me on Twitter, Bloglovin, Facebook and Instagram to check my progress.

Keep calm and carry on xx


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Petite Lazy Girl Weight Loss Challenge: Week 2

Petite Lazy Girl Weight Loss


Hello Everyone! Happy Thursday! I am so glad it’s almost 1 day left for the long weekend here in England. If read¬†my post on Petite Lazy Girl Weight Loss Challenge¬†last week you will know I have started this weight loss journey to get in shape and tone up. Just few things I wanted to share with you guys.

As of 28th April 2014 I have started following the Race for Life 5K jogging plan. I always wanted to run a marathon but never actually signed up, but this time I was strong enough and signed up for Race for Life 5K. It’s a good way to get fit and raise money for cancer. I have had too many close family members and¬†friend’s families being affected by cancer so I decided this the best way to raise money and make a difference to this cause. I am soon going to set up my just giving page so if you guys could contribute any amount that would be lovely.

The jogging plan is an easing plan for me to follow so I decided to use that as my training guide before the race day. You can print the plan for free from here if you want. To give you a gist the jogging plan is a 6 weeks plan to help you train to jog for 5k. You train for 5 days and have 2 days rest days. This week is my first week on this plan so I worked out on Monday which was a 12 min session combining 2 mins brisk walk and 1 min gentle jog in 4 intervals. For the first week you have 3 days of 12 mins sessions and 2 days of 4 min run workout( exercise routine). If you are a newbie like me this is program is doable without making you quit after 1 session.

How I train:

1. Set 20 mins goal on the treadmill. Walk at 2.9 mph for 8 mins then for 12 mins I walk 2 mins at 3.6 mph and jog 1 min at 3.6 mph in 4 intervals.

2. I do 4 sets of Crunches. Each set has 10 repetition.

3. I stretch afterwards


Food rules:

1. No Dairy

2. No junk food

3. No soda

4. Replaced white bread with brown bread and white rice with brown basmati rice.


Weight Diary Week 2 ( Check my last week’s weight diary here)

Weight:51.1 kg  Lost 1.1 kg : feeling great!

Waist: 32 inch ( Measured around belly button) Lost .5 inch

Arms:10 inch Lost .5 inch

Thighs: 19 inch No change

Tips: I have found music motivates me a lot and I feel quite pumped up to work out hard. I do suggest you to download some great tunes for your workout. You will be surprised how much you can workout. Check out my playlist below.

Gym Playlist


Ladies do share any tips you might have. If you are also trying to tone up or on a weight loss journey like me then feel free to connect with me .If you enjoyed reading this post and want to join me in the weight loss challenge.Please tweet me or ask me questions via the comment section. Keep in touch with me on Twitter, Bloglovin, Facebook and Instagram to check my progress.

Keep calm and carry on xx


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Petite Lazy Girl’s Weight Loss Challenge

Petite Lazy Girl's #Weightloss Challenge

Happy Thursday Everyone!

I am a petite girl who stands just 5 feet as many of you would know. I used to be very skinny up till university and then I started gaining weight. I used to weigh 37 kg ( 81.57 pounds) and was underweight. When you are very skinny since childhood, your dream comes true when you start gaining weight. I started enjoying food more, thanks to my then boy friend and now husband(eating used to be a chore for me earlier). I remember my cousin and friends who saw me after a long time were so¬†thrilled to see some flesh on my body :P. Honestly, I used to wear 2 tights underneath my jeans to make my legs look fuller( not joking, I am serious), that how skinny I was and most people would think I am 13 when I was 21. Coming back to enjoying food I started enjoying food a bit too much that I couldn’t stop craving for more and more. Currently, I weigh 52.2 kg which is in the healthy weight range according to NHS, however my waist is 32.5 inches. Measuring myself was a shocker my waist used to 24 inches and I didn’t mind it going up to 26 but 32.5 for me is not acceptable especially because I am quite petite(short). I have started disliking the fact that my tummy is hanging out and my arms look huge in photos and the worst I don’t enjoy running or exercising at all. In short I have become a couch potato who loves doing nothing apart from browsing the internet for clothes, shoes and accessories. Also would I like to add that I keep moaning that I am not in shape ūüôĀ

It was time I started doing something about it. So I started joining dance classes as I used to enjoy dancing when I was in university however I quit after few sessions as it was too tiring for me, then I tried Zumba which I enjoyed initially and then left that after few sessions as well. Then in between tried yoga, hired personal trainer, tried the couch to 5k app from NHS but nothing kept me motivated to exercise. Just before my wedding I went on diet which helped me shed few pounds but after that I again started gaining weight. The worst part of being petite and not toned for me personally is I can’t wear dresses or skirts¬†as my tummy hangs out.

So this week I told myself it’s enough!!! ( pay attention to the exclamation marks, this tells me its a do or die situation:P) and I will create¬†a weight loss regime that suits me and I am not going to jump from one exercise workout to another.So when I sat down to create a weight loss program for me I started thinking what do I like doing currently. I know I love hiking outdoor especially in the countryside. Although I can’t go on a hike everyday so I thought if I ¬†could walk everyday for 30 mins and do ab exercises for 10 mins I will be able to stick to this program. So I started researching if you can lose weight by walking ( although I don’t need to lose weight, I just need to get rid of my tummy and improve my overall fitness). I found few resources which said you can improve your fitness by walking and shed few pounds if you brisk walk. So I decided I will go to the gym and do Hill¬†interval training on the Treadmill for 30 mins and do 10 mins of ab workout. This sounded like a plan. After researching about weight loss I know loosing weight depends 80% on nutrition and 20% on exercise so I am also going to control my food portions and try to cut out junk food as much as I can. I am not going to count calories but I will keep a check on the portion size.


I will follow this routine for 4 weeks and will report back each week with my progress on the blog, so look out for my posts each week. A quick snapshot of my weight loss plan is below

Week 1

30 mins hill interval training on the Treadmill. Level 2 at a speed of 2.9 mph

10 mins of ab workout. I am doing crunches. I found this website if you need instructions.

No chocolate, ice-cream, fizzy drinks and crisps.

Drink hot water with lemon in the morning

Weight Diary:

Weight:52.2 kg( healthy weight according to height)

Waist: 32.5 inch ( Measured around belly button)

Arms:10.5 inch

Thighs: 19 inch


If you enjoyed reading this post and want to join me in the weight loss challenge.Please tweet me or ask me questions via the comment section. Keep in touch with me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to check my progress. Send me your tips if you have any or motivate me. I love hearing from you.

Keep calm and carry on xx

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