Back to Work with Kipling

Kipling Superwork bag

Summer holiday season is official over and we have stepped in to autumn, with that it’s time to forget sipping Pina coladas by the beach. We all start getting that ‘back to work’ feeling. Getting away from the sea, sun and fun not to think about the millions of emails that may have hit your inbox can feel quite depressing.

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My Favourite Place To Shop Luxury Designer Sunglasses

Fashion Eyewear | Celine

While the fashion week season accentuates a wide range of outfits and fashion statements, numberless people are always on the lookout for what’s new in the world of designer sunglasses. With the fashion week in full swing, I was lucky enough to come across The online shop offers some of the most trendy, stylish, and premium quality designer sunglasses. is your one-stop shop that offers the widest collection of designer glasses, sunglasses, and the most fashionable eyewear that helps you make a statement. In my personal experience, the staff are also just as good as the luxury products that they offer.

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Alternative Wedding Guest Outfit with John Lewis

John Lewis Wedding Guest

The wedding invites can leave some of us in a never-ending era of indecisiveness. The invites just go like we’re getting hitched, place is this, RSVP by this date and when it is labelled as a specific kind of wedding, semi-formal, casual, beach, elegant, vintage so on and then you realise you have gotten yourself into several days of constant debates on what to wear and what not to wear.

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Lock & Co. Hatter’s New Couture Collection


Lock & Co. Hatters

As we enter spring summer, few things that come to my mind being in England are Wimbledon, races and weddings. Few days ago I was invited to preview Lock & Co. Hatter’s new women’s couture collection. I have always walked passed Lock & Co. Hatter’s St. James shop but always thought it was just for men’s hats. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the women’s collection upstairs.

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Tailoring with Arthur Shirtley

Arthur Shirtley

Introducing Arthur Shirtley the luxury tailoring brand. New to the British market, Arthur Shirtley was created by founders Artie and Eddie as a response to the needs of mature women and men who are looking for luxury clothing with functionality and simplicity but are mindful of the impact their fashion choices are making to the world.

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8 Evidences that 80s are Back!

Elegantly Fashionable

Shoulder pads, shiny fabric, denim jackets and crop tops which were the rage of 80s are cool again. Fashions trends of the 80s are officially back with a bang !The 80s were simpler times but the fashion was at its most bold back then with bright and often flashy styles and colors. Following are the 8 evidences that we are going back from the future to the 80s.

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