How to Wear Luxe Geek Chic under £50

Elegantly Fashionable

The geek chic has become a respected trend for a couple of years now and since Gucci’s ready to wear pre-spring/summer collection of 2016 it has become a style in itself with a rather pompous title: the luxe geek chic. But this is extremely good to know from very many perspectives, one of which being that geeks are actually cool and trendy and the other is that if you’re into it, it’s not that hard to pull it off on a budget. So, this is how you can wear luxe geek chic under £50.

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London Fashion Week: Luke Archer AW 16 & Link Up

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week this year started with bang, I got the opportunity to attend Luke Archer’s Autumn Winter Collection. Luke Archer is a British Fashion designer specialising in luxury ready to wear couture pieces. Luke started his label in 2010 after graduating from Middlesex University and soon went on to win Alfa Romeo Young Designer of the Year Award in 2013.

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3 Style Tricks to Steal from Fashion Editors

Petite Fashion |Elegantlyfashionable

Fashion editors have a sixth sense of styling and putting together ingenious outfits, no doubt about it. This is why, fashion editors are such a great inspiration for all of us when it comes to new hot trends, but also to reinvent our own fashion sense, by using some simple tricks and ideas. This means that you don’t have to buy an entirely new wardrobe and do something extraordinary to have a more acute fashion sense, but steal some tricks from these fashion gurus. Amongst all the ideas that have inspired us from fashion editors, here are 3 simple tricks that you can start applying to your own fashion style right away.

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