Cruz Bueno 2016 Collection

Cruz Beuno

Cruz Bueno is a high end designer label based in London founded by designer Luca Cruz Bueno in 2011. On 19th May Cruz Bueno showcased his womenswear and menswear collection to the public, his collection is for people who are unique in their style,feel empowered by dressing fashionably and are fearless. I was quite excited to check out Cruz Bueno collection and was delighted to have been invited.

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3 Ways to Wear a Blazer & Link Up

Together with denim jackets and trench coats, blazers are such a huge fashion staple and in this sense, they shouldn’t miss from any respected fashionista’s wardrobe. There are  so many different styles of blazers, prints,  and colors, and even though you’re not working an office job, you have to have one for an occasion that requires it. Besides, it’s flattering the waistline and this is something we all want to achieve, right? Our advice to you when you get your first blazer: make sure shoulders and sleeves aren’t too big or too long. Here are 3 simple ways to wear a blazer and look chic!

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The only petite shoe that fits perfectly & Link Up

Pretty Small Shoes

I have been always on the hunt for shoes that fit well. Having petite feet it’s really frustrating to find a good pair of shoes  Last year I was introduced to Pretty Small Shoes and had the opportunity to try out one of their boots. As soon as I received the boots I was so pleasantly surprised with the quality of the shoes and the fit so I decided to collaborate with them again.

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