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Wedding season is just around the corner, venues have been booked, the receptions have been arranged, a lacy white wedding dress selected, peachy bridal bouquets prearranged, a picture-perfect wedding all ready to take place. With the wedding bells ringing in celebration of a couples’ big day, I personally believe in sending positive vibes and custom-made bobbleheads to them in the form of a unique, personalized, finely crafted gift!

Gifts are more than just an object, they are a way to tell someone you appreciate them, they serve as a memento, not to mention the thought and consideration took while picking out the right one. Therefore, getting the absolute best gift, that’s perfectly unique and delightful, is always the first thing on my agenda and here’s how I managed to get the ideal one, every time.

On stumbling upon, many of my criterion about what a perfect gift should be were fulfilled. As a brand, Uncommon goods allows you to select from a wide variety of products, ranging from accessories to customized products based on different interests. Quite an astonishing collection, however, my focus was on selecting a wedding gift, fit for the bride!

There extensive wedding gifts catalog had some of the most adorable items you can buy! Further being divided into subcategories, based on the side of the wedding you are from;

Gifts for the Couple, the quintessential range of duo paired products made me wish I wasn’t only from the brides’ side! What’s more, they even had a category for bridesmaid, groomsmen, bridal showers and the option to give a customized, personalized wedding gift! Filled with twice the love and half the effort.

Furthermore, the extensive options made my search even easier, users are given options whether they wish for a handmade product, a product that is recyclable, exclusive or a gift for ethnocentric buyers who wish to go for a USA manufactured product. So, if you are like me, here’s a suggestion to which gift is going to be the best one for you;

Regarding a Personalized wedding gift: A customized brick memory vase, because nothing says

Farewell, we have shared some pretty good memories together, now it’s time for you to make new ones.”

better than this gift! So I was delighted to find this option and other great wedding gifts with a personal touch on the website.

Bridesmaids Gifts: If you are looking to gift something unique to your bridesmaids I suggest the Friendship Inspirational Pendant, a gift that accurately captures the emotions behind it.

Bridal Shower Gifts: Now to make it special for the bride on her bridal shower I suggest the Wedding Celebration Dropbox, cute, simple fun and unique all in one place!

Hope you liked my wedding gifts suggestions. Let me know if you have any recommendation.

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with but all opinions are 100% mine.

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