Beauty Tips For Your Lips

Beauty Tips for lips

Hello everyone! Hope you guys are well. I have reintroduced beauty segment to the blog and you will see a lot more of beauty this year.

When thinking about beauty we always neglect our lips.Lips, like any other part of the body, respond to the care you give them. Your lips are one of the most visible features and dry, cracked and unhealthy lips can get in the way of important activities like eating – and kissing. Never fear, we’ve collected a few tips to keep your lips supple, soft, and healthy.

 Water, water, water

We’ve all heard a million times how important it is to drink water, but how well do you actually take care of your hydration? Lips are especially sensitive to dehydration since the skin is thinner and the protective oils are easily lost through eating, drying lip products, and licking your lips. There’s no set rule on how much water you should drink since it can vary from person to person but an easy rule of thumb is to drink 8×8, or eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day.

Know your balms, and use them

Lip balms can be useful hydrating tools to have in your arsenal. Look for known hydrating ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E and beeswax like the Love + Sage balms. If you have sensitive skin be wary of balms that contain camphor as it can irritate your lips, but good old petroleum jelly like the synonymous Vaseline is a fantastic lip protectant. My favourite is the EOS lip balm which I have been using for a long time now. If you want you can purchase EOS lip balm here.

 Protect them

Just like the rest of your skin, your lips are vulnerable to sun damage and since lips have less of the skin pigment melanin they are extra susceptible. Over time exposure to UV rays can lead to skin darkening and spots, wrinkles, loss of the collagen that keeps your lips plump and cancerous carcinoma. Protect your lips with a balm or lipstick that contains at least an SPF 15, like the EOS Active Protection Lip balm in Lemon Twist (SPF 15) or Fresh Grapefruit (SPF 30).


The skin cells on your lips are constantly replacing themselves, just like on the rest of your face. You may use a facial exfoliant, but do you exfoliate your lips? Exfoliating sloughs off the dead skin cells and exposes the soft skin underneath, which not only feels better but is incredibly important if you don’t want your lipstick to crease. Use a sugar scrub or commercial lip exfoliant like the Tarte Facial Lip Scrub at least once a week, but if you have sensitive skin it’s best left at that.

Hope you liked these tips. Let me know if you have any beauty tips for the lips?

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  1. Totally- hidtration is key. I also like putting just raw honey on my lips and leaving it on for a few minutes ( bonys points if you manage not to eat it all in the first 30 seconds)

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