Bagni Di Pisa, Tuscany

Part of the joy of luxury travel is the chance to live like royalty, even if it is only for a few splendid days. It’s fitting, then, that the gorgeous Bagni di Pisa was once the summer residence of the Grand Duke of Tuscany. In the 18th Century, nobility and aristocracy would flock to the property to enjoy the finer things in life – now, it’s visitors from all over the world who visit to enjoy its splendours.

Journey to the Resort

The first step on our journey to Bagni di Pisa was a short flight direct to Pisa, Italy. Once we arrived at the airport, we collected our rental car and journeyed onwards towards the Bagni di Pisa.

I felt my excitement rise as we got our first glance of the grandeur of the hotel, and as we drew closer I noticed even more intricate details. Once we arrived, the friendly staff took our bags and we enjoyed a drink while we completed the check-in process.

The Hotel

While many hotels might try to create a sense of elegance that’s fit for a king, few have the authentic touch of Bagni di Pisa. The grand palace was first built in the 18th Century for the Grand Duke of Pisa – and he certainly had impeccable taste.

The property is nestled on the outskirts of Pisa (yes, of the leaning tower fame). Although it is close to the famous tower and city, it has a more relaxing feel as it’s actually located within the picturesque village of San Giuliano. 

As well as being absolutely gorgeous, San Giuliano is also famous for its thermal, healing waters – a large part of why the Grand Duke chose it as the location for his summer home. Over the decades, many European royals were welcomed to enjoy it.

Today, the property retains its aristocratic ambience, with a soft elegance that is unapologetically Italian – and luxurious. Today, guests from all over the world – including a few celebrity A-listers – flock to enjoy its many charms.


Once we were checked into the hotel, we were escorted to our beautiful suite. I had already been so excited to enjoy my weekend of relaxation and pampering, but I was even more excited once I laid eyes on the beautiful room. 

The room had an antique elegance about it, with a stunning four-poster bed and seven-metre vaulted ceilings. An authentic 18th-century fresco adorned the walls, while from the window we had an absolutely sumptuous view of the ocean. A charming lounge area was the ideal spot for sipping a glass of champagne or just relaxing in style. I certainly felt like a royal who had just been welcomed into a grand and enchanting abode.

While the room has kept its historic charm, it also has all the modern facilities that you’d expect from a hotel of the Bagni di Pisa’s calibre. The beautiful bathroom is modern and stylish, with an automatic toilet and a luxurious claw-foot tub. 


Of course, any trip to Italy must include a very generous amount of sumptuous food. It’s an absolute must!

The Bagni di Pisa has its own onsite restaurant, called the Dei Lorena Restaurant. As you would expect, the restaurant is glamorous and elegant, tempting you in to enjoy delicious Tuscan-inspired food, all served against the backdrop of magical views of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The delectable menu includes several delicious options, with a focus on creating traditional dishes that are delicious but healthy and low in calories. All are inspired by the local cuisine and flavours of the region and are the kind of exceptionally-prepared dishes you’d expect to be on offer at a royal banquet.

At each meal, we enjoyed four delicious courses that were designed with flavour and wellness in mind. It was always a treat to find out what was on the menu for that evening, and each dish was totally exceptional.


The Bagni di Pisa is as famous for its luxe spa as it is for its accommodation – and it certainly lived up to my (high) expectations. In fact, many stays at the hotel are designed around the sumptuous spa options on offer – it is such an integral part of the Bagni di Pisa experience.

The first indication of how seriously the hotel takes its spa is that the treatment menu is thirty-six pages in total. As you read through the incredible selection of rejuvenating treatments, it’s impossible not to let your mind wander and start imagining their restorative effect.

Many of the treatments on offer borrow inspiration from the east, such as the Tibetan Bell Sound Treatment which promises to restore the mind, soul and body. Then, of course, there is the influence of the Mediterranean and the thermal waters that flow beneath the property.

I chose the 80-minute slimming and draining cast, which promises a slimming and lipolytic treatment followed by a body cast. Not only was it a wonderfully relaxing eighty minutes, but afterwards I was somewhat surprised to see a very noticeable difference around my waist. I definitely recommend this non-invasive treatment.

Another popular option that I was lucky enough to try was the Grotto. We were led down to a small grotto with its own natural pool and cascading waterfall, which was hollowed out for the Grand Duke. The warmth of the air and water was so relaxing, and the water is full of therapeutic properties as well. We certainly loved this experience.

After this, we were next treated to the salidarium, another of the spa’s luxe offerings. We lay down on the bed of sea salt crystals, which were warmed and softly floral-scented. We were then gently covered with more salt. It was a unique experience and one that was so reinvigorating and relaxing. I could hardly stop myself from drifting off during the wonderful treatment, and the wonderful relaxed feeling continued long after the treatment had finished. 


There’s no doubt that one of the many benefits of the Bagni di Pisa is that it is just 25 minutes away from the city of Pisa. Honestly, I wouldn’t blame you if you just stayed in the luxurious hotel for an indulgent weekend – but if you have some additional time, wonderful sightseeing is just a short trip away.

Of course, no trip to Pisa is complete without visiting the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. No matter how many pictures you’ve seen, it’s still mind-boggling to see it in all its crooked glory. We also paid a visit to the beautiful Duomo, as well as Cathedral Square. Not only were both these attractions beautiful, but the drive into Pisa was also very scenic and charming as well.

Final Thoughts

Visiting the Bagni di Pisa was such a special experience. There is such a feeling of history and grandeur about this stunning hotel – from the moment you draw up to its elegant exterior, to when you depart, feeling totally rejuvenated and pampered. You truly feel as though you are walking in the footsteps of European aristocracy, and it was such a wonderful place to enjoy a relaxing yet restorative break. 

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