9 Reasons Why You Should visit Paris


 There’s Art Everywhere

Basically Paris is an art in itself. The city architecture, the old buildings, the facades, even the people on the street, everything in Paris speaks art and fine taste, so this is a good reason in itself to visit Paris.






 The Romantic Vibe

The left bank by the Seine with its bohemian atmosphere is maybe the most romantic place on the face of the earth. Sure, Paris is known for its romantic vibe and feel, which makes it a great place to get engaged or as honeymoon destination.

Best City for Shopping

If you’re looking to spend some money on fancy clothing, Lafayette and Printemps are your best two options, but Paris is also famous for its vintage markets. If you’re looking for bargains, visit the Cignancourt flea market on the weekends.

Amazing Cuisine & Restaurants

With over 70 Michelin-starred restaurants and great waiter service, Paris is home to some of the most exquisite restaurants in the world. And we all know how great the French cuisine tastes.

The Most Beautiful Museums in the World

Paris is home to the largest and most popular museums in the world, such as Louvre, Musee d’Orsay and many others. If you’re a museums fanatic, Paris is your best option.

The Wine… OMG!

When in Paris, you need to drink like the Frenchmen, which means you need to taste their wine. Bordeaux, la Vallée de la Loire, la Vallée du Rhône are perhaps your best options and a great reason to visit Paris.

And if you love cheese…

…Paris is the place to be. Androuët should be your starting point.

The Parisiene Boulangeries

Lovely croissants with a chocolate chaude, a pain au chocolat or a brioche with an amazing Parisian coffee are just a few extra reasons you need to visit Paris. Let’s not even mention the other Parisian mouth-watering desserts out there.

Everything is Fancier in Paris

Especially on the 8th arrondissement, but also everywhere you go, Paris is a living lesson of style and great taste. Simply walking down the streets of Paris is a therapy in itself, a therapy of good-taste and aesthetics altogether.

Have you been Paris? Do you like it?

9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Paris



  1. Loved your post. My husband and I have a trip to Paris planned for next year .. and you’ve given me lots of great ideas. Thanks so much for a great post!

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