8 Evidences that 80s are Back!

Elegantly Fashionable

Shoulder pads, shiny fabric, denim jackets and crop tops which were the rage of 80s are cool again. Fashions trends of the 80s are officially back with a bang !The 80s were simpler times but the fashion was at its most bold back then with bright and often flashy styles and colors. Following are the 8 evidences that we are going back from the future to the 80s.

Elegantly Fashionable


Jumper: Asos

Culottes: Dorothy Perkins 

Boots: Public Desire

Bag: Zara ( Similar here)

Going Gold

Glittering gold was the stage look of the 80s. Both in the literal and figurative sense. The 80s brought with it poofy dresses, shimmering skirts and giant lamé jackets. Though the fabric has certainly toned down but the gold look is definitely back and being seen on ramps in dresses, culottes and camis paired with neutral hued staples by the designers.

Jeans Jacket

One would find it unbelievable if there was a person in the 80s who didn’t own a jeans jacket. It was a must for everyone and thrown over almost everything. To get the trendier look it was acid or stone washed and worn until it ripped and then was modified with patches and pins.

Now couple of decades later, bam! They are back and range from casual to high fashion. Whether you want the 80s style or customize your own make sure the cut is large don’t go for too dark denim though.

Shoulder Pads

The 80s profiles were all about power and shoulder pads made you look broad and sometimes menacing too. Though it was most opted by ladies it was still a big no.  The trend is definitely being revitalized now by a number of big names. To look chic without going too retro, try donning a silk shoulder padded blouse with skinny jeans rather than huge pants. A slaying heel or platform will complete the look.

Pegged Jeans

Pegged pants were the style statement of the coolest kids back then. The jeans came cuffed then and the art of tightly rolling was called pegging which gave a crisp and clean look accentuating the high tops.

Pop stars and celebrities are really getting on board with pegging now.

 White Heels

White heels were a style statement which was worn by celebrities to the prom going girls even. The thinner the heel the better but gradually they just disappeared and have come back in a huge way. Be it pumps or killer heels the style icons are pairing them with everything.

Mirrored Shades

Most of the pop culture of 80s were inspired by predictions for “the future” and super-mirrored, reflective bright shades were very popular. The way they have resurfaced, they aren’t an 80s trend but a more preferred choice of aviators these days.

Shiny Sequins

Little glitter goes long but back in the 80s, it went even further than that and was proven by the nighttime looks of the ladies. People have avoided the sequins for long now but thanks to many rocking red carpet appearances, people are choosing one statement piece like a long sleeved shirt but keeping it chic at the same time pairing it with basic modern pieces.

Wide Waist Belts

80s saw a lot of oversizing in earrings, bags, hats, sweaters and blouses as well as belts which were worn with everything. Top stylists and designers are bringing them back again.

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  1. Hi Debonita. I’m also a petite woman who was in my 20’s in the 80s. Enjoying the twist on that era’s fashion but doubt I’ll be partaking again. As they say, if you were wearing a trend first time around, don’t wear it again. Or maybe it’s because I’m just not fond of the fashion from that decade. Shoulder pads make me shudder.

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