8 Autumn/winter trends to try this year

Elegantly Fashionable | Petite Fashion

Fashions shows aren’t an archetype of clothes that everyone could wear, but still, some of them do make it to our wardrobes. And sometimes, the fashion trends aggrandize so quickly that it’s impossible to keep up with the right trends. What I have essentially tried to pull in this read is to amalgamate those top 8 autumn/winter trends that are surprisingly practical. From the revival of old fashion trends like extra long sleeves to once-vilified legging, there is so much stuff to try on this winter.

Elegantly Fashionable | Petite Fashion

Elegantly Fashionable | Petite Fashion

Elegantly Fashionable | Petite Fashion

Elegantly Fashionable | Petite Fashion


Dress: Asos Petite Pretty Embroidered Folk Skater Dress

Hat : Primark ( similar here)

Boots: Pretty Small Shoes ( similar here)

8 Autumn/winter trends to try this year

Two-Piece Skirt Suit

Tweed two-piece skirt suit was a huge trend. It looks great as an office outfit. You should really this out.

Know how to wear your bag

One fashion trend straight from the ramp is wearing the shoulder bag tightly across the body. This looks quirky but sexy, and obviously the handbag matters too. Want to score some more on your season styling? This fashion trend is your ticket

Extra-long sleeves

When you want something subtle and a no-accessory-cold-weather dress, these extra-long sleeves would do the job quite nicely. You have seen Rihanna approving of this trend, so there is no question at doubting if it looks nice. Also, you don’t need to wear gloves with this alternative.

Turtlenecks under dresses

They give you frenzy, they give you sass, they are the turtlenecks and you can wear them once again with this new fashion hack. Rather than stacking away your summer dresses in the closet, use them over a knit turtleneck—voila! You just doubled your winter wardrobe.

Navy Overcoats

Last year, we had our obsession with the camel coats; this year, it’s the navy overcoats. It’s an eclectic piece of clothing that could be matched with denim, chinos and everything in between. It’s your perfect evening wear overcoat and has got the ability to make some great impression on others. A gold-buttoned coat seems more dramatic, but it truly looks amazing.

Patent Trench Coats

If you find it inconvenient to wear coats or jackets on unseasonably warm days, it’s the day for wearing a patent trench coat. This coat will keep you from overheating and looks great all-day.


We thought it was dead and gone forever, but last season, leggings got a serious revival when Phoebe Philo shocked everyone with a legging-walk on the ramp. Wear leggings undress skirts and dresses—it’s time to embrace that winter is cold.

Ski Jackets

Not everyone can pull them off, but you could always give these ski jackets a try. Because they are available in stingy, bright colors, you will need to pair them smartly with your pants and shirts. If you are bold enough, you could also whip out your own personal fashion statement for the office; just pair them with heels and you are good to go.

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  1. I’m all for turtlenecks under dresses and under crisp button-downs so that’s certainly something I’m really going to try, Debonita 🙂

    On the blog today, I’m tackling something literally “borrowed from the boys”, i.e., an item of clothing I took from my husband’s wardrobe. Come on over and see how I (and four other women of all ages) styled pieces we, ahem, borrowed from the men in our lives.


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