5 Reasons To Visit Moisson In France

Moisson, France

When it comes to France, the majority of tourists opt to visit cities like Paris, Nice, and Marseille. What most tourists don’t know is that they can discover the true essence of France in the most unexpected places like Moisson.
Moisson is situated in Yvelines in the Paris region of France. It is at a distance of 5km from Paris and 32 km from Versailles, the department capital. More well-known places nearby that are frequented by tourists are Vernon and Evreux at just 13 and 38 km away. The place might sound a tad bit dull but we have some very solid reasons to convince you to visit Moisson.

Moisson, France

Moisson France

Moisson, France

Moisson, France

Moisson, France

Moisson, France

Moisson, France


If you spend a few days in Moisson, you will experience rains, the sunshine, winds, cloudy days. But none will ever be harsh enough to get uncomfortable. Strolling through a lush green field on a cloudy, slightly windy day will be a truly memorable experience.

Villa Savoye

Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier is a highly respected, architectural marvel. Architects around the world admit it to be an important landmark in the design domain. With its Modernist architectural vocabulary, this significant contribution to architecture is a classic national monument. But this doesn’t mean its admiration should be left to the artist community only. Being just 31 km away from Moisson, it is easy to access by making a day trip.

Vexin Francais

Just 17 km away from Moisson is the Vexin Francais regional nature park. It is known for its 32 walking trails, bike paths, and river cruises surrounded by fairytales like scenic villages, forests, meadows, fields, and hills. The 71,000-hectare remains unspoiled by the glamour France is famous for. No wonder it has inspired painters like Paul Cezanne and Van Gogh to create top notch nature inspired art.

Remarkable Gardens

It wouldn’t be France if it weren’t for the tons of classic French, formal and informal gardens. What makes Moisson so special in this regard is that it has seventeen gardens within a 5 km to 55 km distance. Most famous French gardens worth a visit include The Jardin de Claude Monet just 10 km away and The Potager du Roi, Versailles that is 45 km away.

Farmers Markets

The French are respected all over the world for their culinary skills. Naturally, this means that the ingredients they use are of high importance as they use only the freshest and finest. For this reason, a trip to the farmers market cannot be missed by a true food enthusiast. Visiting a farmers markets in Moisson is a distinct experience because the bread, cheese, and wine will be cheaper than you find in cities and of much better quality due to closeness to resources.

One of the best things about Moisson is that while it itself is not a commercial location and dos not offer much in its immediate contextual surroundings, there are dozens of places in just a few minutes’ drive. If you’re physically fit, a bike ride is the best way you can reach your destination while enjoying the countryside views. If you’re looking for a peaceful yet enriched trip to Europe, Moisson is the place to be.

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  1. Beautiful imagery, it’s so easy to capture beautiful scenery images, I used to live there and was fortunate enough to have a chateau as my bedroom view!

  2. Such beautiful photography! Everything looks amazing .. I loved the photo of the house with the pretty flowering bush in the front. It’s whimsical and fun

  3. There’s no doubt that France has a lot to offer especially when it comes to places like this! It’s great to go here and just take life a day at a time as you unwind and relax!

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