Crochet Bag for Beginners| Crochet Mini Bag

crochet bag

Crochet Bag for Beginners

This crochet bag for beginners is my recent design. I created this mini crochet bag using half double crochet ( U.S.)/ half treble crochet (U.K.) stitch for the base. I also used my favourite bobble stitch for the border and piping in the middle of the bag. I love pearls and used a pearl strap for the bag handles and a pearl bead for the bag button.

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Crochet Triangle Motif

crochet triangle motif

My Crochet Triangle motif pattern comprises of bobble stitch,  half double crochet and single crochet stitches and colour change technique. Today’s tutorial shows you step by step how to make this easy pattern which was an absolute joy to make.

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Crochet Checkered Bag Tutorial

Checkered Crochet Bag Tutorial

In this Crochet Checkered Bag Tutorial you will learn how to make a checkered mini crochet bag. Checkered bags have been very trendy lately do decided to design a pattern for myself. I quite like mini bags and so made this mini checkered crochet bag. I love the combination of cream and pink yarn in this checkered box pattern. I hope guys like it and give this pattern a try.

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Bagni Di Pisa, Tuscany

Part of the joy of luxury travel is the chance to live like royalty, even if it is only for a few splendid days. It’s fitting, then, that the gorgeous Bagni di Pisa was once the summer residence of the Grand Duke of Tuscany. In the 18th Century, nobility and aristocracy would flock to the property to enjoy the finer things in life – now, it’s visitors from all over the world who visit to enjoy its splendours.

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Top 10 Things to do on the Sky Princess on Sea Days

Sky Princess | Elegantly Fashionable

The first time I went on a cruise, one of my biggest worries was what I would do during days at sea. I was concerned I might get bored and restless on those days spent cruising through the ocean – in reality, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I ended up thoroughly enjoying sea days – and then the Sky Princess came along and made things even better.

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Exploring Montenegro and Athens with Sky Princess

Perast, Montenegro | Sky Princess

Not only was my recent cruise aboard the Sky Princess a chance to discover the amazing features and design of the ultra-modern ship, but also to visit some incredibly enchanting places. I was so thrilled to get an opportunity to experience one of Princess’ famous Mediterranean cruises, departing from Trieste in Italy and visiting both Kotor in Montenegro and Athens in Greece. 

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Sky Princess: The New Royal Class Ship

Cruises have long been a popular choice for those wishing to see the world in style; however, Princess Cruises has really pushed the boundaries with their newest ship. Using the latest in technology to create an incredible, seamless cruising experience, as well as all the classic Princess Cruises features, cruising onboard the jaw-dropping Sky Princess is a total delight.

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A Girls’ Getaway in Aruba

If happiness were a place, I suspect it would look something like Aruba. With brightly coloured buildings, warm and inviting local people and astonishingly beautiful beaches, my smile never left my face while I lapped it all up on a recent girl’s trip. From the earliest colours of dazzling sunrises to the joyful beats of the late-night bars, Aruba was pure joy.

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